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With #MeToo to show the widespread prevalence of sexual abuse in recent months, Lyndsay Morgan blog at the hashtag ability to inspire change

In recent weeks we have seen a lot of strange, beautiful and not so beautiful (bravo, Donald Trump, to your toe-curlingly racist shit-hole ‘comments this week), hashtag trends in social media.

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From #BigCats – latest epic BBC documentary that seems to have most of the nation’s eight million domestic cats gripping – for #PlasticFree, Theresa May promises to stop British produce all the plastic that does not need to 2040.

For 10 years now, Twitter hashtags have become a barometer for what matter the world’s collective mind, if only at the time. Or at least for those with smartphones in their hands.

Some reckless. Some serious. Some funny for all the wrong reasons.

Remember social media #susanalbumparty epic fail that, when what was supposed to be a soiree to promote Susan Boyle’s album in 2012, the world looked like an invitation to a party British kinkiest sex?

I’m sure his PR team can.

Criticism and mistakes aside, social media can quickly become a catalyst for something so earth-shatteringly powerful hits the world as the train approached – and then took his own pace to challenge the status quo, change incite, and to make sure nothing is ever the same again.

Digital power as ‘outsiders’ always cold, and when it is used as a force for good, it was mind-blowing. A prime example – close to my heart – the right to be a woman.

On one Thursday in early October, the New York Times published an article, which revealed allegations of decades of sexual abuse against American film producer Harvey Weinstein.

It sent a seismic shock waves through the industry, and, thanks to social media, the rest of the World.

Actress Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd is the first to come forward. At the time of Brie Larson and Lena Dunham spoke the next day, praised the courage of the women who have spoken, the new movement was born.

In less than a week, has become a snowball #MeToo digital on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Millions of women – and men – of A-list stars to students, members of parliament for the caregiver, the CEO for stay at home moms to join the campaign, united by a single hashtag quickly began to unravel the magnitude of the problem.

In the days before social media, this would have been unthinkable. But thanks to the platform, the snowball continues to roll, growing in size and height, leaving the entertainment industry, and the British and US politics behind it.

In December, a joint investigation by Channel 5 News and Edinburgh International TV Festival reveals sexual abuse rampant in the TV industry.

It was found that most – a massive 84% – of those who are sexually abused do not report it because of a “culture of fear” ingrained in the world of media.

culture of fear may not have been eradicated, but thanks to the digital avalanche #MeToo, light has been shining in dark corners. And it’s not going away any time soon.

Oprah Winfrey electrical 75th Golden Globe last week, with the game changing feminist cheer.

There to receive the Cecil B. de Mille Lifetime Achievement Award, he turned the awards show to be “newly minted platform for women’s rights and social justice”, as evidenced Wali.

The audience rose to their feet – women and men alike with Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth tears in their eyes, replicated.

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