We all know that coronavirus is becoming critical day by day. Every new day hundreds of people are affecting by it within a particular area of a city. The patients of corona are increasing day by day and the wards for patients are falling short. To tackle the situation, many schools, institutes, colleges, and train coaches have already converted into isolation wards. First, have a look at the statistics of coronavirus below:

  • Total cases worldwide : 4,430,166
  • Death : 298,059
  • Recovered : 1,550,670
  • Active corona cases : 2,470,478

The above statistics show that the coronavirus cases have been increasing with the passing of each day. Google is trying to tackle this situation by adding a new feature for Google My Business for hotels.

Let’s know about the newly added feature for hotels.

Google added a new feature for coronavirus patients in Google My Business for hotels.

In the starting week of May, Google introduced a new feature to Google My Business for hotels. This new feature will let hotels add if they are willing to offer free or discounted rooms for COVID-19 responders. With this feature, hotels will be able to display amenities and features. Currently, many hotels are used to house COVID-19 responders. It ensures that these responders will not affect their family members.

If you have a hotel then you should also contribute by helping people combat a global disease. Let’s move and talk about the COVID-19 responder policy.

The COVID-19 responder policy for hotels

Every new feature will introduce with some of the new rules, and policies. The same is the case with this new feature in Google My Business for hotels. Therefore, the COVID-19 responder policy lets you add information around any special accommodations for COVID-19 responders, like healthcare/medical, workers, frontline responders, and essential workers.

Here is the COVID-19 responder policy: Special accommodations or discounts for COVID-19 responders, like healthcare/medical, workers, frontline responders, and essential workers.

In addition, not all hotels will be able to see this policy rather some of them will see that are in their Google My Business listing.

How to add a COVID-19 responder policy?

If you’re serious about offering your hotel to COVID-19 responders, then you have added policy in your Google My Business listing by selecting the attribute in your business profile. Let’s see how you add it:

  • First sign in to Google My Business
  • Second, you need to manage your location (in case if you have multiple locations)
  • Now click info.
  • You will now see “Hotel attributes” next to this, click on Edit option.
  • Now search for attributes you want to add and enter the information. Finally, you can click on ‘Save.’

How useful this feature is?

I know this might sound the silly question to many of you. Still, we need to understand this concept deeply. We all know that Google is helping out people in many ways even in this pandemic. Since Google introduced a new feature in Google My Business for hotels, it has become a great way for people to get rid of the COVID-19. However, it is only possible if hotels are ready to convert themselves for isolation ward until the situation controls and easy to handle.

This is not the first time Google is talking about new features for COVID-19 wards. But on March 15, Google released a statement about COVID-19 measures, stating. “Based on data from governments and other authoritative sources, Google search mas will now display if a place, like a school or a local business, is temporarily closed.”

Source : @Curvearro