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ARTISTS MUSIC IS NOT A laptop plugging into the amplifier to be great.
Artists no longer need a record label to be heard and for the first time, musicians are able to directly communicate with their audience 24/7, make the music industry more competitive.

The advent of the digital space has been redesigned traveling audience and artist now need to spend any time trying to stand out and be considered, even the most established acts.

Listed below are the top 5 artist’s marketing campaign we have found and remembered from last year;

Sundara Karma – With the release of the single ‘Explore’ Sundara Karma held the first interactive live performance streamed in the world who, during the show, the audience can choose to different aspects of the show: from clothes members of the band, for visual stage of life and production, the antics of performance and setlist. This event combined racked up 1,000 hours of viewing time and 100k + River, a 1,233% increase in the band’s previous live streaming.

Arcade Fire – Starting with a 12-hour live streaming of Death Valley, California, the band’s lead campaign 425k albums sold worldwide release the week and became the best selling album in six countries marketing. Fans play up excitement around Reddit Ask Me Anything and false advertising created for each song (related products) and the satirical news articles reported by the major news sites around the world.

Blossoms – 24 Days Of Blossmas, a digital advent calendar incentivising fans to get into the Christmas spirit and creates heat of flowers online, with unique gifts are released daily. This connects with the BRIT nomination campaign launched his own political style band, including badges, rosettes and poster campaigns with guitarist Josh Dewhurst became the face of the operation. These efforts are getting a new sign-up to 3k to their email database, reaching 427k range in Facebook and 20.1k reaction / shares throughout the campaign, as well as increased + 7.3% in Spotify stream during the period of our advent calendar.

Charlie XCX – 60 actors, musicians and internet celebrities featured in the music video for Charlie XCX this video ‘Boys’ momentum followed by a series of tweets from Charlie XCX, behind the scenes videos and graphics of a boy in imitating the video profiles manure being together. A messenger bot founded on his Facebook page that connects to poll submitted, updating in real time and generate # 2 trending videos on YouTube globally in the first 24 hours of launch, while the trend worldwide on Twitter.

Kasabian – Using a band of FIFA’s love for their campaigns generate Kasabian straight games in their own channels with two influential FIFA Twitchers, received 383K views. This combined with the launch of the fantasy football league-branded Kasabian supported by data that Spotify, giving fans the chance to win a VIP experience at the Reading & Leeds Festival. Overall the campaign collected views from Instagram Stories 5.5m takeover in LADBible and reached 1.7 million people and 462k views of the music video in a 24-hour window. Enough Digital Marketing Companies in Nottingham to knock off the number 1 Ed Sheeran great place!

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