No matter whether you’re using a mobile device, laptop, desktop, or any other technical items, the bug or virus issue you will always face. This is the most common and often occurring problem we face in our daily life. Do you think this problem only happens to us? No guys, the bug is also a serious problem especially in the digital marketing world. If you have a website and use different operating tools to analyze then chances are you might get affected by it. But why am I talking about bugs only?

In the latest news by Google, a new bug is found in Google Search Console. Shocking! Well, it is folks, because every website operator and marketer uses search console to check the health and performance of SEO.

If you aren’t aware of the bug yet then you must read this article because it will be a worthy for you.

Google discovered an AMP crawl bug in Google Search Console

At the starting of May month, Google acknowledged a bug within the performance reports in Google Search Console that impacted reporting around Google crawl. The bug Google found out is an AMP crawl issue. This issue requires immediate action to resolve.

What AMP crawl bug issue exactly is? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. The AMP bug issue means your mobile traffic impacted negatively. It will cause a great loss in your mobile ranking. To handle the issue, Google and its teams are making sure to keep the mobile ranking steady. In the starting week of May, Google released a statement that gave people a sign of relief. Do you want to know the statement of Google? Just read below.

Google’s statement for AMP crawl bug

Google also faced the bug issue, therefore, released a statement talking about why the bug problem is happening. Google stated that the high amount of AMP crawl issue was due to an error in their part. Therefore, they are currently resolving it. They are trying to solve the bug problem as soon as possible.

Moreover, a lot of SEO professionals have encountered this problem and gave websites find a quick fix to the issue. And the worst situation is that a lot of websites have received hundreds of error reports. This will surely cause a great amount of traffic loss and hamper the user experience for mobile users.

However, with the help of mobile SEO, you can quickly fix the damaged done to your site and traffic.

What you can do for fixing the bug?

Guys, I know the bug problem is very critical for every webmaster. But before you step ahead to resolve the bug issue you must wait for Google to resolve the issue. This is the best approach to follow and wait until Google takes any action. So once Google is done with resolving the issue, you can resolve those web pages that you think need to be fixed.

Furthermore, another approach to fix the issue is to check the Google Search Console on an hourly basis. It will help you see if the bug has been removed or any impact on your traffic. You can also do mobile optimization to make the website mobile-friendly. Try to update any webpage that might be the cause of the issue in the future.

Concluding part

It is not the first time that the bug is causing a lot of issues for mobile-friendly websites and draining the traffic of the site. Bugs tend to happen every now and then. However, the latest Google Search Console AMP bug is an issue that shows the impact of crawl errors on your search traffic. So take this bug as a lesson for the future so that you can monitor your website traffic more closely than ever. Folks, you need to keep waiting until Google resolves the AMP bug issue, don’t make mistakes to handle it on your own otherwise you’ll end you destroying your website. Therefore, just wait for Google update for bug issue!

Sources @Curvearro A Digital Marketing Company