Recently I experienced a traumatic event that is only able to come to for a light for social media. That’s not good news, but at least the truth came out.

This made me think about how Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham social media can be a blessing and a curse for our personal lives. And what about the fancy new offline.

I mean we are running a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media. Approximately 40% of our revenue is derived from offering services related to social media. So of course I advocate. At least from a business perspective.

But being an advocate and stand for something also comes with great responsibility. I also am learning to company directors who are all about the Government, social responsibility, stop and review if what you are doing is ‘right’. Just because it does not mean it will always be there.

I still believe social media can be fantastic for both business and enrich our lives. But like anything, it can also have a downside. That only the balance of life. What goes up, must come down. There is no happiness without sadness and all that jazz.

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I love that through social media how families can be brought together and compete to win daily and comics (however large or small), friends and family near and far can continue to connect, celebrate promotions, new babies, engagements, organize meetings, support one another when they need it and sympathy through one’s beloved, illness and injury.

I love the different perspective we can gain from being more connected with people whose values ​​we share or everyday people, and information is not only a source of government or media (for being a journalist I know only too well, there is always a story angle back and always taken to be sold).

Of which connected on social media we can gain ground on the recording of a news event, we could see the money earned for someone desperately needs, new product launches and the people to fulfill their dreams go from startup to global online retailers and more.

There are more positive things, but they are some quick that comes to mind for me when bashing a quick blog post.

I found this quote recently in harmony with me.

When you’ve had bad news from online, I mean really, really bad, you might just want to turn and retreat. But when your job requires you to be online, it’s difficult. When people you do not want to hear from you continue to contact you, it takes a large amount of determination to not see, let alone respond. You must install the offline ditch right around yourself to survive the onslaught of your sacred bastion of sanity.

Being a parent and look out for your children requires you to be online. Bloody bank transactions require you to be online, offline is indeed the new luxury. That you have to fight for.

So how do you pamper IN LUXURY OFFLINE?
Recently I did my best to have a digital detox in Bali. One week. minimal post. No social rolling. No sugar. No coffee. Without alcohol. No meat. Yoga. Massage. down time. Very much needed and self-imposed, with the valued support of many friends. I came back strong mentally. Everyone needs to fill an emotional batteries every now and then. You will only be human if work, children, finances, relationships, life wearing you down.

So to achieve this (and even if you do not pine for it, try it, challenge yourself, see how your changes), you have to plan for it. Fight for it. Make it a reality. Be brave and go where there is no signal. Points ‘do not disturb’ status in contacts on your phone that you do not want to hear from (I just find this feature during a recent event).

Place a timer on your phone that Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham will not let you between the hours or the entire day that you do not want to be disturbed.

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