With the NBN deployment occurred in Sunshine Coast, chances are you already thinking about a faster internet, whether you need to be connected to the NBN and how it might impact Digital Marketing Agencies in Bournemouth your life or business.

To help local businesses better understand what high-speed broadband could mean for them, the council launched a program digital up-skilling ‘Level Up’. Business owners and their staff are invited to find out how this program can benefit them in a free information session on Tuesday, February 28 from 17:15 (to 17:30 start) at Lake Kawana Community Center.

Many businesses are not aware of or prepared for the potential benefits of high-speed broadband as the NBN. It’s not just about getting faster Netflix at home. An international study showed a positive effect on the transition from dial-up to ADSL broadband from 0.4% to 1.4% of GDP. Another study found that increased broadband speeds of 9Mbps to 42Mbps in Denmark is expected to result in an increase of 4.9% of GDP Denmark in 2020.

Council economic development portfolio Stephen Robinson said the program was a valuable opportunity for local businesses.

“We want to take advantage of high-speed broadband access and use new solutions, improve processes and increase productivity” Cr Robinson said.

“It is about ensuring that our businesses compete on a level playing field not only in South East Queensland but with South Korea, Sweden and other smart cities.”

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“We may not be the first areas to get NBN and high-speed broadband in Australia but we want to be the areas that take advantage of it the most for our business.”

“High speed broadband has the potential to generate a small but measurable productivity gains no matter whether you run a manufacturing business is a coffee shop, or a digital design studio. This will allow us to court business IT solutions for new and better connect with their customers whether they are near or far.

“Level Up program will offer the busy business owners and their staff a real example of how businesses can use high-speed broadband to introduce new technologies and solutions to improve their business and their customer experience.

“The first step in the journey of consciousness. That’s why we do a series of invention sessions that will inform the business community of what is on offer, what business champion already doing and solutions and workshops to follow.

“It is expected that as a result of the program more business in the region will be connected to high speed broadband and confidence in the use of online business tools such as cloud-based accounting, CRMs and project management system that can improve Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth productivity, profitability and their ability to compete locally, nationally and internationally.

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