Social Media Customer Service Failed
We have all seen and experienced some bad customer service, and in the past, we experienced going through an Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton organization or company dull and often very slow customer service complaints procedure

As if the company does not care about the problems their customers have because they make it so difficult for consumers to tell them.

Forget that now because of social media has given power to the consumer. Consumers can go on-line and real time venting their frustration and how you deal with them is the key to better safeguard customer or rotate your business thousands of forever.

In a remarkable statement of Fishburn Hedges on the nature of caring customer service we look at the data that every business needs to take seriously:

40% of the public that the nuances of social media improve customer service
65% believe social media is a better way to communicate with the company from the call center
68% who have a scar from social media channels to communicate with customers branded believe gives them a greater “voice.”
customer-research-show-increasing-importance-of – customer-social care

Like it or not social media is here to stay, and your business needs to find a way to handle it.

Of course not only handle incoming complaints that you have to worry about, you can, of course, have the opposite problem to consider. What you post as enterprise can cause serious damage to your brand.

In this excellent article from the journal search engine we see a huge list of 35 social media customer service that failed to highlight this problem. Some of the worst are:

American Apparel use Storm to try and make a sale

There was a time that HMV went into administration and sacked social media team and many other staff without getting a password for a Twitter account changed. The result is a blow by blow account of the collapse of

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Customer care best practices of social media: How to Stop Complaint Going Viral
In this great article on HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes gives clear suggestions for managing and preventing catastrophic social media customer service.

One of the key points in the article it states “The customer service in the era of social media, however, it should be the job of everyone.”

You heard it right; it needs to be the job of everyone and not just the role of social media team. From senior management to front desk staff, everyone has a role to play.

It may not be the case of a member of staff to respond to comments on-line. But early warning may be useful for social media team, or maybe you think the team has missed something very bad on-line such as complaints or comments negatuve, it is important that people let the team know right. We are in this together!

But how exactly do you keep the posts go viral? Follow these 3 steps.

  1. Early Intervention
  2. Communication
  3. Emergency Campaign Positive

early intervention
The faster you complete the complaint, the better it will be for you. Do not wait to get approval from your line manager, just engage in conversation with show some empathy.

A message like this does not promise anything, but he told consumers and their audience that you want things for their determination. Once this is done to get your line manager or Digital Marketing Company in Southampton someone who can authorize the support you in this situation.

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