In this article we will tell you how to get leads for 24 hours using blogging and as we shall see, it is easy to get Digital Marketing Company Sheffield more results from your B2B marketing efforts using our suggestions.

Benefits of Blogging For Business To Business Marketing
The facts are quite simple: 82% of marketers that customers obtain daily blogs and b2b marketers that blog reports 67% increase in leads. Now if that does not inspire you to get blogging then it would be this: Companies that blog receives 97% more links to their Web sites.

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This is a pretty impressive statistic by anyone’s standards, and when you consider that a blog is the fifth most trustworthy source of information on-line marketing b2b you starting to see in a different light. But how are you going to enter the world of blogging and how you can use a blog to your advantage? In this article we Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield will have you blogging in no time at all and if you have a blog you will achieve better results.

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