Congratulations, you hire an SEO for your business. While this is an exciting time, you may also be wondering how Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth to make sure that the person you hire the right person for the job. If you are not SEO yourself, it’s doubly hard to know!

Let me tell you a story.

I have been working in SEO since around 2009, and over the years I have hired several full time SEO in the institution where I work and when I work in-house. Some work badly and some outstanding work.

When I was on distillation, a digital marketing agency where I was at their New York City office, we grew rapidly. In the 2.5 years I worked in the distillation, the company grew from ~ 30 to ~ 65 employees employees when I left. Our offices in New York go from 5-9 including several people who left in the time frame meant that we changed the position and hire some new ones. It was an amazing trip, but along the way we would have a typical speedbumps.

Distillation is very good at recruiting. There are many of our consultants who stayed for 2 + years and many stay for more than 5. In this day and age, it’s amazing. Besides the fact that the executive team is awesome, Distilled do something different than many other institutions.

They are hired for soft skills rather than the skills of SEO.

Now, this works very well when you hire SEO entry-level in a firm, but what about when you need to hire SEO managers / heads of SEO that need to know SEO well and fit with your culture?

This is more challenging, and I have made some mistakes over the years by hiring kind of people. But you know what they say – you learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.

I have also had great success some hiring SEO to lead the channel in a national brand, so not only have I learned from a bad experience but I’ve seen what works well.

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There are five questions you should ask someone when you hire an SEO leader. Questions to ask while hiring SEO over different junior bit, so we’ll cover them in the future.

Questions to Ask Prospective SEO Manager
These are five questions to ask each candidate for SEO managers come through your job advertisement:

What are the common challenges that you face working on a site like ours that have the same business model?
What role should the SEO plays in a company like us, who need to be involved, and how you will make it happen?
What role do you need in a team of SEO to be successful in this role?
What are your strengths and weaknesses as SEO, and how you will overcome the weaknesses?
What are the projects you have?
Let us unpack each.

What are the common challenges that you face working on a site like ours that have the same business model?
Why do you ask this question: This question is intended to determine the depth of their experience on your site as well as the challenges you and they may face in increasing traffic to your business. SEO is complicated in the best of circumstances, and the strategies and tactics necessary to grow one type of business are different from those needed to grow other types of businesses. A website with 20 pages on the site will require a very different thing from a website with 1 million pages, and SEO should have experience working with these types of websites to identify the main challenges in doing SEO on the website (including technical, content and link acquisition ).

Expected answer: they will be able to determine certain things on your web site that can be improved as well as talk about other challenges they have seen.

Bonus points: to talk about the challenges they have faced to get the SEO done at a company like yours. Because they lead SEO company, they should know how to solve it other than Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth what should be done, and must be strategic.

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