It is almost impossible to avoid online marketing in today’s economy. After all, more than 54% of the world Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham population is now online. In North America, it is a whopping 95% of the population!

But what exactly is online marketing? While the simplest terms, it is often misused, misunderstood, or only partially explained.

A Google search of “what online marketing?” emerged more than one billion answers. Some are focused solely on content marketing, or search engine marketing only.

While in reality, online marketing is a broad term that encapsulates all that and more.

To make things even more confusing, online marketing is a field that is constantly changing, with new trends that emerge every year.

In fact, the company already predicting new trends that will emerge in 2019 and even 2020.

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In this guide, w

e’ll walk you through all the key aspects of online marketing and provide everything you need to know to successfully embrace online marketing for your business.

What online marketing and why you need it?
Online marketing is anything you do on the internet in an effort to reach people with the aim of creating sales for your business.

As you know, this definition is broad.

This is why online marketing is broken down into manageable sub-categories are more like content marketing and social media marketing.

According Techopedia:

“Online marketing is a set of tools and methodologies used to promote products and services via the Internet. online marketing covers a wider range of marketing elements of traditional business marketing for extra channels and mechanisms available in the internet marketing. “

We’ll go through each of the eight major subcategories shortly.

First, let’s talk briefly about the importance of online marketing.

Traditional marketing is limited to areas of the company, whether these local communities or countries.

However, online marketing allows you to reach more than half of the world. Plus, it is often cheaper.

Consider the cost of printing ads Digital Marketing Company Nottingham or send direct mail flyers. Digital advertising can reach more people and cost a lot less to make.

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