Here, in the Reboot online most of our workload involves dealing with the case of a Google penalty recovery. demand has increased dramatically, and a few years ago, we worked Kate Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath Brownhill, which in my opinion, is one of the top penalty recovery experts in the UK.

Until now, we have managed to more than 170 clients penalty recovery. The punishment caused by, gently put, less than organic SEO practices. We have seen it all. Comment spam, spam forums, directories spam, pingback spam, spam profiles, hijacked / injected spam and any other types of spam that may be.

The common denominator of all spam is the cause of punishment. Cheap SEO!

Simply put, it is caused by a business owner trying to get the SEO job at a bargain price. You know the type, £ 250 services / month for 1000 directory submissions, 100 comments PR5 sites etc …

However, in the last 6 months, we have begun to see the different causes for this type of link spam. The cause is much more sinister. Negative SEO.

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In the last month alone, not only have one of our clients clearly affected, but our own sites have also been targeted. In both cases, a few investigations have revealed the source of negative SEO attack. Unfortunately, not at this time be proved in a court of law (but I’m working on it) and until then, I refuse to be reduced to the level of action and re-action. In total, we have seen a clear cut case of 5 negative SEO attack in the last 6 months. Before that, we did not see one. At this point I also want to point out that some of the questions the abolition of the punishment we have been dealing with blatant product directly from SEO’s but the site owners are more than happy to negative SEO accused of one of their competitors. It seems that for some, it is easier to blame than to admit the negative SEO bad decisions when it comes to choosing a digital marketing company.

Looking on the web also showed an alarming increase in the websites that offer the service type of negative SEO. Some are quite camouflaged in their intent while others shamelessly and blatantly advertising it for what it was.

I was reluctant to believe that here in the UK, the owner of the company; businessman, family man and a woman, a mother and father … you and I … would be so easy to sway this dark corner of the universe occupied by the historical business fraudster, con-men and thugs carry out sabotage aimed to weaken, disrupt or destroy business rivals. Today the web has provided tools and anonymity for this, which Digital Marketing Company in Bath seems at least, more respectable, more people have been trained to take on the role of the thugs.

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