There are many different parts that comprise a comprehensive SEO strategy. It can be easy for companies to bypass some ‘small’ good aspect on site SEO. It is this ‘small’ things you Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle can do to strengthen your website SEO that can make a significant difference to the performance of your search.

Putting the interests of optimizing your images for SEO is a simple way to make your website more competitive in search engine rankings.

The Ultimate Guide To SEO Image
Image SEO is by far and away one of the easiest victories you can have when trying to optimize your on-page SEO. Many businesses either forget or get the basics wrong, which makes it worthwhile for you to do. Take advantage of your competitor’s mistakes.

Think about the last time you put a picture on your website. You may download from an internet place and then upload them directly to your website. Unfortunately, this is not what is regarded as the image of SEO, you’ve essentially add 100kg to what should be a 100-meter sprinter.

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What SEO Image?
SEO image or image optimization is the practice of optimizing images or graphics on a web site. The goal of SEO is to improve the image of a site’s ranking in Google Image Search and the regular search results. Optimizing images provide additional information to the search engines, help them understand the content and the subject of the image. Image SEO covers all aspects of graphics, such as file name, image size, and even the type of file.

Image SEO creates many advantages for the performance of your search as a better user experience, faster load times and a better chance ranking sites. The final goal of image SEO is to improve the performance of your search.

For those who just want to get stuck straight into the drawing SEO on their site, we’ve created a checklist of SEO image.

Image SEO Checklist

Why Images Are Important for SEO
Image plays an important part in how we experience the web. Think about your experience online, if faced with a page which is a block of text, you will question the legitimacy of the website. Research shows that people are 80% more likely to read the content includes images and 64% more likely to remember afterwards. The more users instantly search for images, in 2018, 22.6% of all web searches are being conducted in a Google image search.

This is an important statistic, but images can also be optimized to help directly with SEO. Optimize the image on your website is definitely worth the time spent. Without it you’re wasting valuable asset.

Follow these steps to learn how to have a SEO-friendly image for your site.

Have at least one image
This may sound silly, but some people need to read it. Have at least one image or graphic on the page. Images that are relevant to the content readers cans and help Google understand your content.

In 2016, Backlinko content with at least one rank higher than the image content has no image. It is important to note as well, using a lot of images made no difference to the rankings after the first.

Content that contain at least one image a better rating
Tip: Add at least one image that is relevant to each page or post on your website.

Use a high quality unique and relevant picture
High quality images are not meant to go and Google image search for the topic and choose the first image that appears. This means using the original image, which has taken his own photograph or graphic that you have created. The original high quality images adds more value to the page of generic stock photos.

Using the same stock photo on your website as everyone else is not original. Just like any other websites that have them, you will fail to stand out. There are too many websites that all look Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle the same with the same pictures and graphics. Photos like this pretty useless because they do not give value or meaning to your business or service.

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