YouTube is one of the leading ways that any business can generate a large amount of exposure and leads Digital Marketing Company Nottingham to their web site and in this article I will teach you step by step how to get more views on Youtube

In this article you will learn:

Keyword Research To YouTube
Why and how you should research before filming video
How To SEO A YouTube Video
We’ll show you how to use professional tools to more visits
I will explain why you need to research before you make more videos
You will see how to make a great video title
In the end, you will know how to make an exit strategy to keep your audience on your channel.
You’ll see what a Google screen Both search and how you can utilize this for your brand
and more
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YouTube Statistics
Tips YouTube Channel Growth
Step 1: Research Niche
Step 2: Search Phrase Research Volume
Step 3: Make Your Videos
Step 4: SEO Videos
Video SEO uses IQ Vid
Tip 1. Title Keyword
Tip 2: YouTube Video Description SEO
Step 5. Content Distribution
Step 6. Exit Strategy
Both SearchingSAT Screen: How To Use It To Your Advantage
YouTube Statistics
There is much debate today as to what social video platform you should invest in.

Facebook launched their video platform and has become a great success. But with YouTube ignores you risk losing out on the second-largest search engine in the world.

At this time YouTube has:

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More than one billion users-nearly a third of all people on the internet and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video of YouTube and generate billions of views.
YouTube entirely, and even YouTube on mobile phones only, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than in the US cable network
The number of hours people spend watching the video (aka watch time) on YouTube has increased by 60% y / y, the fastest growth we’ve seen in two years.
The number of people who watch YouTube every day has increased by 40% y / y since March 2014.
Number of users come to YouTube that began in the YouTube homepage, similar to how they might turn on their TVs, has increased by more than 3x y / y. Source:
It is clear that YouTube is a core platform and according to Alexa YouTube is the third most visited site on the web, just behind FaceBook and it is the second search engine most commonly used.

youtube search engine

Tips YouTube Channel Growth
the core of my tips to get more YouTube views of around 6 steps:

Niche research
Behavior Research Search Phrase
Make your videos
Your video SEO
Distribution content
Create Viewer Exit Strategy
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Step 1: Research Niche
Before you decide whatever we need to look at your niche. This is the key aspect that a lot of people lose and you need to understand the factors of ratings from YouTube search algorithm.

Most people spend the effort they are worried about the title and description But even before you need to do this your content is what matters most.

Your goal with the YouTube Video is to combine the ‘TOTAL TIME CLOCK’ and ‘SEARCH PHRASE VOLUME’.

Or break it down even further; You need to make a video for a search phrase that gets a lot of searches and your video needs to be made so that people watching and do not click on it after a few seconds.

Watch Time refers to the amount of time someone watches your video to. The total amount of watch time will affect your ranking on YouTube.

Basically, people need to watch your Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham video longer, and if they do the more likely is that YouTube videos will rank you higher.

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