Most online marketing companies are honored to be fluent in the above reaction. Reputable online Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham charge anything from £ 3000 / month (~ $ 4600) all the way to £ 7k / month. Some even higher. Based on an hourly rate of approx. £ 60 ($ 100) this equate to a minimum of 50 hours dedicated to your project. So the initial reaction, although sigh excite among those in the know, is a normal thing. But how justified is it?

Well, it entirely depends on what your definition of SEO or online marketing is exactly.

While it is true that there is no such thing as cost effective SEO, it is equally true that you can get a cheap SEO at a high price. After the process of thinking and follow our latest research shows that 52% of the SEO companies still offer ingenious link building techniques, it is not surprising that some see selection of in house SEO expert as interesting.

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So, even before we begin to analyze this further, I think it was worth defining what SEO / online marketing really means to us here at Reboot. For that, I will separate the two.

SEO Person: Someone with some varying degrees of technical and theoretical understanding of how search engines behave and work. This person will usually be able to perform an audit on a website and found a technical problem which areas of concern may look like Meta tags, duplicate content, site structure and internal linking. This person also displays a clear understanding of what it takes to rank websites and what are the dangers inherent with different tactics used to achieve this.

Online Marketing: The process of marketing a website in this way so as to make the website and its contents as attractive as possible for other online publications in the hope that they would associate themselves with the sites say through some of the most important methods is through connecting to the web site says.

Now, you will see that under the definition of SEO, we deliberately say “to show a clear understanding of what it takes to rank”. What it does not say that this person is able, at his / her own, the competitive ranking of a website without using a technique against Google’s guidelines. Why? Well simple. The clue is in the title of the second definition. “Online marketing”. Note it does not say “Online Marketing Person”. That is because, today, increasingly demanding competitive rating of more than one person to achieve a successful campaign.

Online Marketing Team vs. Lone SEO person

Stages of a successful online campaign:

Idea Generation – is most effectively done among a group of people. A group of people get together, comfortable and happy to shout out ideas without fear of rejection. Have you ever tried to do this with just one person? Yes, they will have a good idea strange but produces 5 or 6 per session which is impossible if you are a SEO on your own.

Research – The second, very important stage is always doing the best in the group. Everyone took a corner on the idea and went to research it. Again, it is very difficult to do when you are on your own. A group capable of eggs and push each other while can chew obstacles and come to a working solution.

Content – This can be done individually but has a split personality in content teams help to keep the content fresh, original and vibrant while giving you the option to direct the individual writing style or spirit to best fit the needs.

graphic design – another important skill. Graphic design can bring edge to your story, break it down into manageable sizes while making all the parts that much more appealing and Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham easier on the eyes. Images, graphics, infographics, videos all the help and all the essentials.

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