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Here is Laura Top Tips for Brand Messaging in Email Marketing:
For many companies, means a quiet summer, the time of year when nothing happens. Often, while the majority of people who go to enjoy their summer vacation, you are allowed to sit in the office wondering about what you can do to improve your business.

But summer does not always have to mean time really dead. Instead, it is the right time for you to focus on areas of your business that you may not be able to focus on as many as during the rest of the year and most likely, the sound of your email is one of them.

Have you ever stopped when creating your email marketing campaign and think “does not resonate with my brand?”. If you do, this is an opportunity for you to rethink and find new ways to start from scratch after the summer.

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In this post, we’ll give you some tips and advice on how to ensure your brand messages are well represented and reflected in your email marketing campaigns.

Are you ready for some summer fun? Let’s begin.

Bring out your inner voice
Email is only one of many channels do you use to communicate with your customers. It’s important for you to understand that the way you talk to your customers through email have a big impact, such as e-mail has one important difference from all the other channels. Assuming you’ve done the right thing here and abide GDPR – contact email you have given explicit consent for you to contact them. their inboxes are personal and intimate space, where they have invited you.

Therefore you need to maintain and cherish this relationship and one of the best ways to do this is to provide content that matches the relationships that you create.

Many brands make the mistake of sending the same message as a mass marketing campaign to all their contacts. Instead, you should use the personalization and segmentation. By using them, you will be able to target specific personas in your audience, and make sure that the content you share with them completely tailored to their expectations and needs.

An email is much more than just a message, there are also tones and sounds that you use in the message. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd in your field.

By segmenting and personalizing your emails, you can give your email marketing campaigns and unique voice can be identified and you will reap the rewards: your open rates will increase, and in parallel, your contacts will be more likely to engage with them and click.

People will get used to hearing from you. And even if they will not buy all the time, with the right content you will provide an incentive to think about you when they want to make a purchase.

Find Your Brand Personality
In order to determine how you will ensure that your brand message transpires through in email marketing, you must specify:

The purpose of your email.
The role they play in your global marketing strategy.
How does it sound to use in your email marketing fits with the brand voice that you use on other platforms (social media, blogs, websites …).
Your email message will be in line with the sound of your global brand. This will maximize the impact of your marketing strategy and make sure you stand out to your customers.

With this, we do not mean that your newsletter should have the same dull tone of your support page, or that they should be as pleasant as your tweets. You have to find the right balance for Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford you and that works for your customers.

What stories have to do with email marketing?! Think about it … from an early age, we learn from the story.

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