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As part of our marketing efforts for both our clients and ourselves, we always keep a close eye on one of our Digital Marketing Company Southampton favorite tools, Help Reporter Out (Haro) to seek opportunities to respond to the demand of journalists and media then safely.

While doing so, we recently came across someone looking for SEO tips for working with e-commerce sites and in our response to the writing process, we realized that this is something we have a lot of experience and knowledge. (Just look at us with this case study Works, Vax and Fat Face.

We have a suggestion enough that we can put together our own blog posts to share with the world. It was pretty short and sweet but full of tips to be followed to take.

So here are six tips on SEO for your ecommerce website in 2018:

  1. Understand How to Optimize for Voice Search
    voice search is becoming more and more important in everyday life and here at SiteVisibility, we thought it was really important for retailers and e-commerce sites to try and capture this traffic.

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Although Amazon has its own products such as Alexa, voice search on mobile phones, tablets and computers are much stronger and able to provide better results for users.

Honestly, we have not really come across any e-commerce sites that have got it nailed down yet. As such, it is a great opportunity and worth the effort to get in early and get this right.

Regarding the voice search for e-commerce sites, we think you should:

Optimizing your site for key terms (voice and text search often has a different syntax and semantics and thus you have to consider both)
Marking all your products correctly. This includes things such as the size, type, make, model, range, price, stock levels, rating, brand, material, sku etc. to ensure the search engines have info that may be most indexes them.
Provide information to the user. We believe that all the things needed to rank for the piece features / zero position will work for voice as well. It can be registered information, answer specific questions, create a user manual, a general breakdown queries etc.
It should be noted that many of these tactics also work very well for traditional search, thus multiply the reward for getting it right!

Voice Search Images

Indexing Mobile First
It has been known for a while that Google has been using a mobile version of the site as the main version they use to index your site.

Coupled with the fact that according to this article, more than a quarter of the digital sales do so through a smartphone, it is because it is important that e-commerce sites get their mobile version of the site up to scratch.

To do so, there are some things you should do. Here is our list to get your e-commerce website mobile ready:

Be sure to ask the correct phone (using tools such as mobile-friendly test of Google)
Make sure that it is easily crawlable
Make sure that it loads fast (you can compare your site against competitors using Mobile Score Card)
Make sure it has all the same structured data with desktop site
Properly optimizing the content (including the page title, etc.) for mobile
It has been verified in the console sitemap mobile phone search
Ensure that social metadata is present and that all the media and other assets that are present as well.
If you want to know more, you can Creative Digital Marketing Agency in+ Southampton listen to our podcast on Mobile First Indexing with Murat Yatagan here, or check out my other posts include Top 20 Challenges Facing Hotels.

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