Nine times out of ten, influencer marketing purposes or blogger outreach campaign is for the purpose of brand awareness. The company will approach the following individuals Digital Marketing Company Newcastle with established, either in social media or in the blogosphere, and ask them to post content about their products or services. You will often hear from bloggers agree to do this in exchange for a ‘free’ (usually the product being promoted) or they may request payment. As digital marketing in general, influencer marketing and blogger outreach is an interesting one because it is constantly evolving and reinventing itself.

With this in mind, I have decided to write a book A-Z everything Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach. It includes useful tools, tips and tricks to use while doing it. Oh, and I’ve even thrown in some classic * movies / tv quote for good measure.

  • Disclaimer – my definition of a classic potentially subject to debate …

A- Right Person Address
First, it is important that you set out to know exactly what you want to achieve from outreach campaigns and you want to aim fire. Of course, it goes without saying, you target bloggers / influencers and their followers. However, for a much more detailed understanding of your audience, it is wise to spend time carefully researching, studying and familiarizing themselves with the influencers that are relevant to your industry. Find out what type of content they produce and the things they are interested followers and engage with. Create content from behind and bloggers will bite your hand off to share.

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De Niro Meme

B – Buzzsumo
One way to make sure you contact the right person is to use a tool like Buzzsumo.

Our fans here at SiteVisibility and believe it should be a fundamental tool in the arsenal of your outreach. Not only does it allow you to easily find a strong influencer, you can also refine and filter search your influencers by topic of expertise or location should you need to. It’s possible to see what bloggers are sharing content, how often they do it and that they share the domain makes the process decides whether a person is worthy to reach so many fast and simple. If they’ve written about similar products or look like they have been doing this kind of promotion before, then they will tend to be open to doing it again.

alternative tool which is also worth checking out including Traackr, Tomoson, Upfluence and Ninja Outreach.

taken Meme

  • Note: may, or may not, be the actual quote from Taken.

C – Creative, Concise and Compelling Subject Lines
Spent ages preparing outreach emails only to fall flat at the first hurdle (ie the recipient actually opened it) nothing short of daunting. This is where the art of creating compelling subject lines that really comes into its own. Pas something in this little community Piques exciting space can be challenging, but not impossible.

Here are some of my top tips for email subject lines and increase your open rates:

Make them private
Fear of people preying on Missing Out (FOMO)
Rouse their curiosity
Channeling your inner Ricky Gervais and showed a sense of humor. After all, who does not enjoy a chuckle? (I know I would have been more likely to open an email if the subject line is intelligent or funny).
Use words that imply urgency like … well … ‘urges’. They are proven to improve email open rates.
One subject line of the email that we enjoyed together here in SiteVisibility is from the Boiler Room, an online music broadcasting platform. Instead of sending a generic email to their list regarding changes GDPR, as most companies do, their subject line is as follows:

Boiler Room Email

With Analytica Cambridge was recently in the news for Facebook scandal data (in essence, the personal information is harvested from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle permission used to target US voters with ads for personal politics.

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