Due to the current economic situation, we are seeing a big increase in online shopping. People still put their safety and shop from home, rather than venturing into the highstreet Digital Marketing Companies Stafford store. In this blog post, we’re looking at alternative payment methods you can offer to your customers online.

5: Alternative payment methods
With more people shopping online, the diversity of buyers is also increasing. online shoppers have personal preferences are widely varied. If you are aiming to attract more customers, you should be aware of their preferred payment methods and options available.

Preferences are formed around a different payment method because of security issues, practical, or just for convenience.

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In this blog, we will see which payment method the most popular alternatives that may be beneficial to add as a method of payment on your ecommerce site. Some were found in the original Magento, while others will require a plugin to facilitate.

Alternative Payment Methods

  1. Paypal
    logo paypal

With more than 295 million users worldwide, Paypal is one of the most popular alternative payment methods.

existing users can pay for purchases using cash balance directly from their PayPal account. It can be added to and peaks by depositing money from private bank accounts of others. Paypal account can also receive payments, so it also can be charged by either the transfer of family and friends, or from making sales on platforms such as eBay; who prefer to use this payment method.

If the customer cash balance does not cover the purchase, Paypal will automatically add the difference of sources of funding attached to their account.

Therefore, Paypal is a payment method that is increasingly popular for a number of reasons:

This speeds up the checkout process, customers simply enter their login details paypal, rather than all of their card details.
It gives a sense of security, especially on sites where customers have not shopped before because they did not include any card information.
Customers can check in immediately, instead of having to transfer money between accounts if there is not enough money in their accounts to make payments.

  1. Amazon Pay
    pay amazon logo

Amazon is a well known and trusted source of online shopping. Many online shoppers have shopped at Amazon, so it has available to their Amazon account.

Amazon offers pay as a payment method, customers will be able to pay with the method they’ve stored in their Amazon account.

You not only can extend the trust of the Amazon to your own site to offer Pay Amazon, there are also other benefits to this payment method:

It also speeds up the checkout process and eliminates the need for customers to enter their card details.
It is believed and known for its high level of security.
Amazon Pay can be used as a tool for building mobile-friendly site for millions of people already have an account with Amazon.

  1. They Pay
    apple logo pay

In a recent study by Retail Research found that 43% of internet retailing is done on smartphones and tablets.

With increasing levels of online shopping and preferred contactless payment in stores, ApplePay also another growing alternative payment methods for iOS devices.

For many reasons, Apple Pay become a more popular method of payment:

customer payment information stored in the cloud, so the risk of security breaches is minimized. If the Apple device is lost or stolen, the risk of their information being compromised lowered.
The online stores do not need to store Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford personal data for transactions conducted through tokenization. Therefore, your risk as an e-commerce store to reduce.

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