Process not only helps streamline the workload of your team – PIM allows you to create a better experience for your customers as well.

Creating a Better Customer Experience with PIM
In this center is to ensure that all of your Digital Marketing Company Southampton product data as an enrichment and as clean as possible, to help customers find what they are looking for and make it very easy for them to commit to a purchase.

Moreover, it is evident that enriched converts better data. Akeneo found that customers who interact with search sites convert 400% more than those who do not.

It promotes the need for clean, accurate data to be fed to your website from PIM and help to build confidence in the brand and enhance your customers’ buying experience.

6 Benefits of Creating a Better Customer Experience with PIM
1 – a purchase decision Quicker
Make Better Customer Experience With PIM

Do you believe the urban myth that our attention span is decreasing, it is very important to help your customers achieve their decisions quickly and efficiently to avoid losing their business.

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By ensuring that your product data with PIM, you can quickly and efficiently answer common questions that customers may have about your product, even if it looks clear.

You can quickly show the color, size or style available, dimensions highlight or technical product data and enable them to make a purchase is considered without having to navigate to another site to find the desired information.

2 – a little payback
Make Better Customer Experience With PIM

For e-commerce business back could prove to be one of the biggest threats to the bottom line, affecting customer confidence, reduced margins and cause additional overhead.

While the results may not always be avoided, Akeneo have reported that using PIM can cause a 40% decrease in demand for merchant rewards that ensure the data their finished products.

3 – Purchase through their beloved market
Make Better Customer Experience With PIM

Some of your customers may love your website – find it easy to navigate and your level of confidence in your services and products. Nevertheless, there is no getting away from mere influence that some of the larger markets such as Amazon and eBay have the e-commerce sector.

If you are already registered in this market before then you know that managing product data can be a time consuming process and sometimes ineffective, often resulting market experience that pales in comparison to your own website.

With PIM, your product data standardized across every platform and centralized system allows you to quickly and easily update the necessary changes without the risk of downtime or increased product admin.

4 – Serve them in their language
Make Better Customer Experience With PIM

Another key benefit of PIM solutions such as Akeneo, is the ability to serve content to multiple audiences. While it is estimated that more than 50% of the pages on the Internet in English, there are many opportunities to serve your customers’ native language content.

If your business is not limited by location, so you can easily reach new markets or increase your reputation with the English language to serve product information in multiple languages.

PIM you have to allow you to provide localization at this level and ensures that each attribute specific products locally as well.

5 – Get a quick sale items
Make Better Customer Experience With PIM

Although it is said that this may be more of a benefit to your overall sales goals, using the PIM will allow you to speed up the process of issuing the new products on multiple platforms.

It is ideal for new releases or product Digital Marketing Companies Southampton by walking or limited availability because you can easily enriched service descriptions, images or detailed product informs.

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