Colors can immediately evoke reactions, associations and emotions that are very specific, very affect audience’s perception of his own design and brand it represents. In fact, studies have shown that Digital Marketing Company in Bath color can increase brand recognition, memorability, understanding and involvement of as much as 80%. So, as the color can easily make or break a design, working with the right designer for every project is very important.

Color choices are all confined to a small collection of natural pigments, but the invention of synthetic pigments and innovative technologies has expanded the color palette graphic designers now have at their disposal. Although this has improved the design possibilities, so many options also brings complexity. Because the number of possible combinations hexadecimal color sits on more than 16 million, identify the appropriate palette for each project can be difficult.

To make life easier, here are five tips and tricks related to the color-graphic designers use every day.

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Catalog daily inspiration

Every time you stumble across something with aesthetic color palette, make sure to take a picture. As you will easily be able to sample the color in images in both Illustrator and Photoshop, build a complete catalog of images that will pay off in the long run. If you are faced with a lost project color palette, flipping through a catalog of images will help you to identify the most appropriate palette to convey a certain mood, feeling or message.

Know the color wheel

analogous colors sit side by side on the color wheel and complementary colors sits right across from each other. analog color is a good way to add shadows to the design, and they usually blend seamlessly together precisely because they are so closely related. So, if you need more color palette of deep, suitable for any color with a neighboring tone will easily create an aesthetically pleasing combination.

Taking tips from interior design

Many areas of the same part design challenges related to color. Especially, the interior designer is required to use color and texture to create a space that feels cohesive and harmonious. To do this successfully, interior designers follow the 60/30/10 rule also applies to color graphics design. The dominant color you have to take into account 60% of your overall color palette, with your secondary and accent colors accounting for 30% and 10% respectively.

Make note of what works

From junk mail to flyers, magazines and movie posters, inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Do you particularly like the composition of the whole piece or individual elements such as typography or color combination, save it to a folder ‘inspiration’ specific on your phone or computer, or “pin” to a special board on Pinterest. It is important that you consistently look in different places for inspiration to make sure that your color choices are creative and innovative.

Hello Pantone

Stay away from the screen and ransacked physical color box can be very inspiring, so consider keeping a set of Pantone easy reach. As well as being very tactile, color selection methods Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath can also be very helpful if you need to know exactly how your project will look when printed. The printing process can be quite stressful at the best of times, but it can save you frustration, time and money.

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