Conference marketing is big business these days but the reality is most of them are pretty tacky. You cough slices cash the ticket and travel expenses for a group of owners of companies Digital Marketing Company Nottingham are trying to push their products down your throat. They are not interested in the network, and they certainly are not in the business of distributing free advice that will help you improve your marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, this is a state marketing conference.

On the bright side, there’s still a decent conference marketing will be, but you have to attend so many clothes to filter them out and get a list of events worth attending. You end up wasting a lot of time and money before you start running away from the conference feeling like they are worth attending.

I’m not saying this is the best conference in the marketing out there (I could not attend them all) or that you even have to go every year. But, if you are looking to network with pros and gain valuable insight into the latest marketing strategies, you will not be disappointed with this.

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# 1: Digital Elite Camp

Digital Elite Camp recently and gone but will be back again next summer Estonia. I first attended in 2014 when Brian Massey highlights included insights from 500 conversion optimization testing and Bart Schutz on the brain science behind the selling.

Okay, the real highlights is a party, where you get the chance to quench your thirst and networks.

Three years later and the Elite Camp is still relatively small in terms of conference speakers and participants. There is no good sales pitches; actionable insights and focus only on the network with the three parties in the two-day event.

One more thing to consider this year.

# 2: Conversion of XL Life

If the conversion optimization of your insights once and travel to Austin Texas is not too far for you, Conversion XL Live conference for you. It was too late to attend the conference this year, but you can sign up now for the 2018 edition on 28 to 30 March.

I did not go this year but CXL 2016 Life is a great conference, with a focus on consumer psychology, the testing process / optimization and personalization resurrection. The thing with CXL Live it addresses many of the problems we have with conversion optimization (accuracy, restrictions on technology, redundant data, etc.) and create a better process optimization.

Search Love London 2017 took place on October 16 to 17 and you can book tickets starting from £ 699. As the name suggests, focus on search marketing with a heavy emphasis on SEO, more than PPC. In 2015, the speakers including Rand Fishkin, CEO Larry Kim and a number of international institutions.

The talks are a little more generic than other shows I recommend but you will certainly learn a thing or two about selling SEO services to potential clients, if you are in the industry itself. As usual, it’s all about networking and make the most of your time in a room filled with experts and peers.

# 4: MozCon

MozCon is one conference you should attend at least one. In addition to being the most fun you might have one of these things, the network side of MozCon worth every penny just (about $ 1,500). I am happy to see my former colleague MozCon billed as a speaker for this year so I may have to travel alone to show his support – not that he would need it.

# 5: BrightonSEO

unique for a Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham of reasons. First of all, you can attend the event (two per year) for free, if you are fast enough to get a ticket.