With a landing page builder available today, it is easy to think of the design process are taken care of. But even Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth with the best landing page builder on your side, you have to make dozens of design options which will determine the performance of your pages.

No matter whether you create your own landing pages from scratch or start with a template. You are still vulnerable to the same design mistakes I see all over the web – and here are the seven most common to avoid.

# 1: Do not have a landing page that is enough

By far the most common mistake I see in landing page design just does not have enough of them. Every service you offer must have a special landing page itself and any primary product you sell should have one myself, too.

The same thing applies to every sale of promotional grasp.

Better yet, create multiple landing pages for each product / service, targeting different audiences or point of sale. A small business will have different needs from accounting services compared with larger companies, for example.

Likewise, some fans of the game will resonate with titles and genres that others do not. Instead of promoting a console with a generic message, you may have better luck with a particular target the interests of gamers.

The problem with not having enough landing page is the message you will be too vague to pinpoint a specific audience interests, which is very important to maximize conversions.

# 2: fuzzy message

As mentioned in the previous point, do not have a landing page that is quite likely to result in a cryptic message – and this is a serious problem. Great landing page design begins with defining your target audience and create a customized message for each of their specific needs.

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Let’s say you sell software company, for example. You can identify two main audiences for almost every type of business: business owner myself and senior level staff with purchasing authority. Business owners are more likely to be interested in how much money you can save their products while the staff might be more confident with how much time you can save a product.

# 3: layout mess

In terms of visual design, the first mistake you probably will fall into the layout is a mess. Do not try to be innovative with the basics; stick to a simple layout that helps users navigate through your messages and see the most important element on your page.

No one layout that works for every scenario but a single-column layout is a solid choice for almost every occasion. This reduces the workload on the user’s vision, presents one of the key piece of information at a time and pretty much own Optimizing for mobile.

Above all, it is hard to mess up a single column layout.

# 4: interrupt a design element

This one hurts the common, too. There are parts of your landing page that should attract the user’s attention as soon as they see them and others who are not supposed to. Do you really want that pop-ups annoy attention away from your call to action or a video explaining that interrupt the user journey through your pages?

I’m not saying you should not use popup or videos that explain, but you do not want to use it at the expense of the elements are more important.

Also be careful about how you style design elements. astute choice of font, a touch of bold color in the wrong place Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth or disturbing images can take care of part of the page you should stand out the most.

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