Over the past five years, we have tested nearly every piece of marketing automation software on the market. At least, we’ve gone well with all the big names in this game and Digital Marketing Company Nottingham learned a lot about choosing the right pieces of the software along the way.

If we knew five years ago what we know now, we will find the right automation kit more quickly. Not only that, but we’ll save a good amount of time and money without trying to implement any type of equipment into our business.

In this article, I will try and pass on the knowledge we have acquired and, hopefully, this will help you find the right marketing automation tools faster. So here goes: This is nine things we learned from trying all the best marketing automation tools.

# 1: Form tool generally is not good enough

Most enterprise automation platform will come with some sort of web form builder that allows you to embed forms on web pages without coding. This is a pretty basic feature as a form where you make all your most valuable leads and you should be able to create and optimize a variety of different forms.

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Unfortunately, even with automation tools company, builder of shapes and optimization tools built into the platform is simply not enough to maximize conversions.

You do not just want to slap form on all your web pages and hope for the best. You need a tool that helps you design a form that is built to convert from one day and then you need an analytical tool for measuring performance, optimizing the shape and increase conversions.

We were very underwhelmed by a herd of tools out there that eventually form we built our own.

makes it easy to build and embed them on your site. While the analysis feature means you can see where users run problems and remove obstacles to get int conversion method. You can also use this data to run A / B test on your form information and continually improve performance over time.

This is the kind of establishment the tools necessary to maximize leads and we just do not get this feature from the leading automation providers.

Bonus lesson: Sometimes you just can not find what you need and have to build the right tools for yourself.

# 2: Usability is really important

When you use marketing automation software every day, usability problems can actually get in your way. This is especially true if you already have an automation platform all-in-one marketing and CRM are members of your sales team needs to use every day.

Ran into this problem every time you try to create a new workflow automation, manage segmented lists or complete other tasks would be boring very quickly.

I’m not going to name and shame any provider here and I would also make the point that usability rather subjective. Just be aware that a surprising number of software platforms marketing left a lot to be desired in terms of UX.

a common problem we ran into include:

speed problem: Many marketing automation tool – especially the more complex or feature-rich – have slowdowns and other speed issues.

Navigation woes: Another common problem is poor navigation that makes it difficult to find a tool or complete basic tasks quickly.

Click exhaustion: Closely related to navigation, often require too many clicks to make simple things happen to marketing automation tools.

Reports / analytics: Most automation suite offers analysis and reporting but they rarely offer enough depth data to get a genuine insight.

Customization: If you can not customize Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham the features, you do not need to get in your way and make it harder for new team members to learn the software.

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