Now is the time to invest in your website
If your business website is due an update, there has never been a better time to do that now. Your Digital Marketing Company in Bath efforts can make a huge difference to the overall performance and your company’s reputation, so why not invest in your website? It may seem like a big commitment and change for a whole new website, but if you want to stay ahead of the game, attracting visitors and stay in line with current trends, it is an understatement.

Here we look at why you should invest in your website in 2018 and the benefits that come with a new look.

Your site is responsive?
When updating your website, you need to review and examine how it works on all devices. It is not good if it works well on a desktop you effectively cut your visitors in half if not more. Your site will be much better chance at ranking highly on Google if it works well on mobile, tablet and desktop. Google recommends that all pages are mobile friendly for a better user experience and a test to see if your web page is easy to use on mobile devices. After all, most people are browsing the thumb.

speed page
The speed of your website is extremely important to attract visitors. Many experts suggest your pages should load in less than two seconds, especially if you want to bring organic search visitors to your website.

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Improve user experience
In addition to being fast, responsive website to improve user experience, your website must also have an effective layout that is simple and effective. optimizing conversion rates (CRO) is an effective marketing tool to use which will help turn your visitors into customers. Using several techniques, help discover the journey of the user and how they behave on your website. In turn, this will allow you to change and modify your site to ensure maximum performance.

Achieve technical excellence
If your site is not working as expected by the user, you will see a low conversion rate and a decrease in traffic. You must ensure that your site is technically sound for 2018. This includes looking at the speed and friendliness of your mobile site is and how it works on slower connections such as 3G and you use HTTPS to view your Web site is secure.

You should also evaluate the payment methods you offer and if they are up to date, if you have a duplicate on your site if your URLs have effective and verify names that Google can actually crawl your site.

It is important to remember that investing in your site is not something you do just once and reassess in the future. Your website needs to grow and transform trends change and needs become more complex users. Having a digital marketing strategy in place Digital Marketing Companies in Bath is essential for your website to grow and not be a static site lost in the competition.

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