It was not the highest priority in my marketing plan and not something I was too enthusiastic, but because we’ve tested, and sign up for a subscription paid in full, I’ve been Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth really impressed and have learned a lot about the visitors to our site and marketing around.

In this post I will look at the lessons we have learned from having a live chat on our site over the last 3 months, the benefits to us as a business and why you should try it.

Oh, and we also will go through some of the more bizarre response that we’ve had!

Some Context: Why Do We Decide to Implement Live Chat on our site?
Chat has been around for years. It is primarily used for customer service and generally, it is a place to help resolve problems or for customers to make a complaint on eCommerce sites.

Over the past year or so, however, we have seen more and more businesses b2b adopt it as part of their marketing strategy. Many predicted it to be the next big thing in marketing in 2017 and included in their list of 5 to Implement Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 back in June.

Earlier this year, my colleague Scott mentioned that he wanted to court a live chat on our site. I had many reservations:

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Why do we need to live chat? We already have a clickable phone numbers and a contact form on the site.

Who would have the time to monitor? We know that we had a visit from all over the world. Of course, we’ll need someone with access to it 24/7.

Can we actually generate leads? Of course, it is only a tool for engagement marketing or customer service.

response, because I often get from Scott, is “The only way we’ll know is by testing”.

So, after a few months, we finally found the time to sit down and investigate a live chat for SiteVisibility.

We saw several different platforms including Drift before coming Intercom. We have seen used in other marketing sites, it has a 14-day free trial and it seems quite easy to set up. We decided to try it and after being impressed during a trial, we have not looked back.

So what have we learned over the last 3 months? Let’s find out …

  1. Quick Responses are Important
    This is something that we learn almost instantly.

One of the mistakes I made during the first few weeks of not loading Intercom as part of my morning routine.

I kept forgetting to log in when I arrived at work. Mid-way through the morning I remember, log and found that I’d missed a conversation. The visitors will be long gone and we did not manage to capture their information to respond to them.

We are often left with interesting questions and queries but without the contact information for a reply.

It was frustrating.

We have missed an opportunity to help people, and in one case, we miss someone asks about our services. Not ideal.

I quickly learned that I needed to pin tabs open tabs in Google Chrome. In that way the site was always there when I turn on my computer and I will be on hand to respond to any questions we had.

I also learned that I needed to keep my voice. Intercom makes a high-pitched voice to tell you that someone has instigated a chat and often it is the quickest way to find out.

You can also set up email notification that will let you know when someone has been asking questions. This has helped us when we had a meeting or on our lunch break because we get free email and if we can respond immediately.

The only downside is that sometimes it can take a few minutes to come through and again, on several occasions we lose visitors by the time we were responding to. But there are other solutions …

Intercom also allows you to set pre-defined message if you are not online and also allows you to set options for Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth users to leave their email address so you can go back to them if we lose any questions or requests them.

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