The title of this post is the first question we asked back in 2016.

Our Head of Digital, Colenutt Scott has just finished writing his e-book, What Can Learn From Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham Sharing and realize that the emergence Airbnb is only ONE of the major changes taking place in the industry at the time.

In his post, he covered:

growth Airbnb
The impact of VR / AR in the hospitality industry
The importance of reputation management.
You can read it here.

Two years later, I revisit the subject and I will look into what has changed in the last 2 years and each new challenge faced in 2018. To help I have also been asking fellow marketing and hospitality experts for their opinion.

Read on to find out what the top challenges facing the hotel in 2018.

Because Airbnb, hotel will be Forced to Provide Experience
That’s right, two years and Airbnb still cause major disruption in the hotel industry.

Airbnb has changed people’s expectations when it comes to travel. For travelers in 2018, a standard hotel room just will not do.

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Airbnb has led travelers to expect a more personal experience.

The impact on the corporate hotel that if they want to compete with the level of personalization and experience of Airbnb provides, they should consider how they can change one’s home into something much more than that.

Eric Johnson, Content & Video Specialist at FeedbackWrench think this is very important:

“In 2018, hoteliers must equip themselves to memberikan’pengalaman’bukan hanya’tinggal. ‘With Airbnb introduce this” experience “as part of their warehouse service, travelers will soon be conditioned to expect a reasonably priced and entertaining events as part of a trip they. Since Airbnb lead the way here, that have not embraced this hotel would be forced to catch up if they hope to compete.

Airbnb best way to combat this is to strengthen the existing relationship with the surrounding local businesses. Many hoteliers have partnered with the people around them to create cheap enough entertainment opportunities, but these opportunities must be moved into the limelight in terms of marketing strategy. A great marketing efforts have to describe a hotel as a destination, not a functional necessity “.

Richard Gornall The Hideaway at Windermere agree with Eric and indicated that the hotel needs to make more of an effort to differentiate themselves from Airbnb.

He says:

“Airbnb remains a major threat to the hotel industry. This is a threat that will not go away.

In the UK, the price of Airbnb about 40% cheaper than a hotel room and most hotels are not able to halve their prices to compete. This means that they need to offer something more, or something different.

Hotel owner and marketers must consider the reason that travelers stay in a hotel rather than self catering. Consider the luxury of the hotel and the fact that there are employees on hand to respond to the needs of visitors. Food and drinks are offered at the main point, along with additional services such as dry cleaning service or even a morning newspaper. These are things that are often not included as part of Airbnb.

Reviews on sites like TrustPilot and TripAdvisor, as well as in Google, is one way to promote this service, but you also have to make sure that your web content and other literature highlights these benefits. Encourage visitors to share their experiences online, have a social media presence, as well as the presence of site reviews, and makes it easy for guests to check in and share “.

Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO Sidewalk also weighed and explained that, “… one of the most exciting Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham challenges of 2018 is how to attract tourists 21st Century that the value of experience? More than 85% of travelers.

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