Last year in the UK, saw Black Friday online shoppers spent £ 1.4bn, an increase of more than 11% from 2016 [1]. In the US, last year’s Cyber ​​Monday deals drove $ 6.59bn shopping online in one day [2]. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday present a significant opportunity for retailers, so make sure your website is fully prepared Digital Marketing Company in Southampton for a major shopping event this year is important.

Spread the word

If you want your customers to take advantage of deals for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you need to let them know they are happening. Without a marketing strategy Black Friday, your audience will not have their wallets ready to start shopping.

Encourage curiosity and drive future involvement by encouraging your audience to sign up to receive notifications of new offerings, without going into detail about what they offer will involve

Streamline your sales channel by encouraging the use wishlisting ability of your site. It will also allow you to contact customers directly if their goods at discounted interest.

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If the affiliation platform that supports your run-stock limited pre-sale will help you to increase additional sales during the main event

Test, test, and test again

Load testing will ensure your site is fully optimized for peak shopping days. Remember, even small improvements can make a measurable difference, so repeat this test will encourage methodical positive results in the long term. Also, do not underestimate strain your server will be under. Understanding the potential impact of a surge of traffic is very important.

You also need to perform manual testing period to ensure that your user experience (UX) are primed to ensure a smooth journey for each customer. Any inappropriate UX magnified tenfold decision during a big event, so empower yourself with an understanding of the improvements that could be made as early as possible will give you time to make improvements that will significantly benefit your metrics and sales.

Do not go all in, all at once

Scheduling your offer will allow you to maximize all the Black Friday weekend. And encourage repeat customers, you will have some flexibility to expand your offerings to out-perform your competition. Make sure you order some of the best deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because some of your customers may not be able to shop when they’re working.

Time-sensitivity communicate your offerings by leveraging countdown timer and describe how many shares have been available with the price of the deal will encourage impulse purchases. If you give the next day delivery, promoting also because it may be the deciding factor that prompts someone to buy from you and not one of your competitors.

Do not ignore SEO

Optimize your content for search Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton engines will enhance discoverability and help your customers to easily find the products and deals they are looking for.

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