Siren Films is an award-winning company created a DVD training for early years and education sectors.
We were met by a team of Siren – among which are a wonderful bunch of talented women – to discuss their Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford website project; they want to update their website with a fresh new look, to make it easier for their customers to navigate and book their DVD. After several meetings, we look to their website today (below) setups and found it was built on WordPress and united by some web developers, using many plugins.


For new designs we decided to strip it all back to basics, create a new theme, with a simplified code, to make it easier for customers to navigate the store, to Siren to manage content, adding new products, product the same link to bulk orders and deals and also reduce the weight of the website for performance.

In order to track the progress of the project website, to stage design, build pages, request new features, we use a great online tool called Basecamp. This saves a lot of back and forth emails and try to find a file, etc.

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The design process
We collaborate with designers Will Howe served under design for homepage – the first part of the navigation and gift condense auto-play video clips. The second part gives an overview of what services they provide in a nutshell, the break and then further into sections to their customer base, bringing them to a page dedicated to what they can offer.

E-Learning Zone is a new idea to allow customers to peruse the video on a trial basis, with a view to registering on the monthly scheme. DVD Pick of the latest offerings tug at the base of what Siren select in the back-end, News combine their old news and reviews. Free brochure highlighting the footer area you can download and some quick links to the main areas of the website – is available on the website.


The next step in the journey would Library. DVD offline either in documentary or series of observations, based on specific topics such as exploration Play, then each DVD has a chapter on the disc. In the Library, you can search a DVD by filtering by series, age range, keyword, the default search or simply peruse.


E-Learning Zone takes you to each chapter, shown as a clip, and this can also be filtered, searched or accessed at leisure customers.


Once selected, the user will be taken to the page Items will present a more detailed breakdown of the product, including a description of the contents, the clip (chapter on DVD) which you can see as separate videos, quotes from customers, related products relative to product and purchasing this moment of choice. All the Siren can choose to turn on / off in back-end.


Today most of the website is built, with a new page design included Cart Checkout area, the Account Digital Marketing Companies Stafford which includes command and change of details About Us / generic template – all of which can be updated by the Siren. We look forward to the website will be live!

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