Blueocto been using Campaign Monitor for over 5 years now, and it is a great resource to compose Digital Marketing Agencies Southampto e-mail campaigns, personalized to your customers or clients, with the ability to customize your template and monitor the results.

Campaign Monitor is used by over 2 million people in 120,000 businesses around the world, are available, including well-known brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Disney, Lacoste, Topshop and more.

How can this benefit you and your business?
There are so many benefits, where do we start? Some key features include:

custom design
Campaign-monitor-templatesUsing free templates can be useful, but they look like everyone else that email! We want to keep you looking smart campaign and in-line with your brand, so customers or clients know immediately, they receive an email from a trusted source. Templates can be built so that you can change the image, text, and even layouts!

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Test campaign-monitor-inbox-previewWe all email design templates to ensure consistency across the board, but you can also do it yourself – send them to your email or your colleagues, whether it’s Gmail, Outlook or their mobile phones. Check with blocked images and run it through the spam filter to make sure your campaign reach that goal.

Get results
Campaign-monitor-statsOnce you’ve created your campaign, send it and start getting results immediately. You can watch the real-time open your emails, open and click from time to time, people who have bounced or not opened to help your pastor you and the customer list. That share your content with friends? Digging deeper into the report!

Using CRM?
Monitor campaign with many integrated CRM software allows you to manage your workflow more efficient. Supported integration can be viewed at:

You can send up to 2,500 email campaigns a month, from as little as £ 6 per month, and unlimited email campaigns from £ 18 per month.
If you just want to ‘pay as you send’ prices fell to a one-off shipping fees and 1p per recipient. For example, to Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton send to 500 people (500 x 1) you are looking for as little as £ 10 per campaigns.

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