You just hand over several thousand pounds for a web developer for your new website, and they began Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle to talk with you about the ‘additional services’ they like SEO.

You think to yourself ‘they are a web designer, so that they know what they are talking about’.

You’ve heard about SEO, and you know you need it, so you sign a check for this job.

After all, you are a business owner. You have accounting, invoicing, wages, and selling to think about not to mention all the other things that happen in your life. Get your site ranking in search engines is something that you do not have time for, so you pay £ 150, £ 450 or even £ 1000 per month fee.

However, there is a niggling feeling in the back of your head that will not go away.

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You wonder if you’ve been cheated.

If you are a small to medium-sized enterprises, this story may sound familiar. You may be going through this process right now and do not worry I have spoken to so many business owners who feel the same way.

Today we will help you to get a handle on what SEO is all about to teach you some basics and show you how we rank websites for a series of local search terms.

The problem is, SEO is not complicated, it is a combination of art and science, and once you understand the basics, you’ll find yourself able to do a lot yourself.

So save your money and get a pen and paper for this crash course that will help you to avoid being cheated by dishonest SEO. A word of warning. This guide has the potential to save thousands of pounds but it is super long.

In 4500 the words with case studies and packed with links to resources on search engine optimization, this guide is for business owners who really want to save yourself time and money and to ensure that they do not get ripped off.

If that is you, then welcome to saving money and growing knowledge of the post.

3 Questions To Ask Any SEO or Web Agency
Before we begin I must emphasize that there are thousands of SEO agencies incredible out there and stunning web design company that offers SEO services of a high standard.

But for every good institution, there will be hundreds more terrible. Luckily I have 3 questions approach that will allow you to see the good from the bad.

The best way to get rid of the bad good SEO is to ask some questions.

1.Firstly ask them how they learn about SEO?
2.Next ask them to tell you what they are doing to improve the ranking of internet sites.

  1. Finally, ask them to show that they take a site from zero to more than 10,000 monthly visits and ask them for proof of this Google Analytics.
    Most people would struggle with the first and second questions, but if they manage to get to the stage of proof, 99% will fumble.

But why the evidence is so crucial?

Well, when it comes to trusting your website to the person or company you better make sure they know what they are doing.

I personally think any SEO should be able to show the results from the beginning. They should, at least, has a track record of generating website traffic from Google and this show.

I strongly believe that any good SEO should be able to take the site from zero to 10,000 visitors and be able to show proof.

White Hat and Black Hat SEO
white hat seo

One of the first things that every business owner should be able to spot is the use of white hat and black hat tactics.

Now I do not want to confuse you so let me say this.

Black hat is conducting activities to a higher ranking sites that do not approve of and white hat Google do things by the book!

Do you ever get spam emails or spam comments on your site or blog?

Well, this is the classic black Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle hat methods. A bad SEO using software to create automatic link spam to other people’s blog site.

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