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Here at Online Climb, we are lucky enough to get a job with tons of social media influencers in various industries. But with their busy schedules and their time runs out to create a double-tap worthy content, it is difficult for social media influencers to pin down long enough to get all the juicy details.

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Fortunately, we got a chance to talk to Ellie ellie_showed_me Woolf, who runs a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog to flourish and thrive course Instagram page. We met Ellie in a trendy cafe in East London, Ellie wearing metallic gold shoes, in contrast with bohemian dresses. In one of the recent posts Ellie he said: “My father saw these boots at the bottom of the stairs and asked if Gary Glitter had stayed the night”. After we ordered our lattes (lemon tonic for Ellie) we jump right into our questions!

Ellie, how do you go about finding or knowing what your audience want to see?

I get a lot of inspiration from other influencers, but usually just post what I like at that moment and looking for my followers responded best to my own unique posts.

How did this all start and what is the main obstacle in the beginning?

I have been doing this for two and a half years, first started as a hobby but as it gets more popular the main obstacle is finding the time to make a post that matches the aesthetics I have created.

influencers who you admire and are there to inspire you to start your page?

My biggest influence is other bloggers, especially those who make postings trip around the world, they inspired me to start in the first place.

How do you balance work with blog / Instagram?

I do my blog and Instagram works on the weekends and I work for a week

I know you started on Instagram before starting your blog, why is this? And if it’s a big decision for you start your blog?

I started my first Instagram because I want to get an audience before making a blog. It was not a big decision because I know I’m always going to make it, but choose when to launch more frightening!

How do you decide whether or not to work with the brand?

I decide whether or not I want to work with brands to see if they match the aesthetics and audience with me. I will only work with a brand if it is authentic and actually use their products Digital Marketing Company Southampton or services regardless.

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