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Instagram launches In Shopping App!

What is that?

The shopping experience with Instagram application has been tested extensively in the United States and has now been launched in several countries including the UK, Australia and Canada. But what does this mean to the brand? Well, it makes it easier for users to see your products, their prices and then driven directly to the storefront, which allows users to purchase directly from within the Instagram app.

Users can now tap on a tag to see a pop up that contains the product name and price of the item, and then follow the link directly to the purchase of the store, increasing intent to purchase, saving time and sales.

Jim Squired, Instagram Business Head said the test was a great success and that the tags have become very popular – “People come to Instagram every day to find and buy products from their favorite businesses. We want to be a seamless experience. Whether it is artisan, florist or local clothing store, shop directly at Instagram has never been easier. “

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But what does this mean for the brand?

Basically this is a great opportunity to get more visibility on your products, the more traffic to your website and ultimately MORE SALES!

Users who are already engaged with your brand and tend to be in the stage of brand ambassador, is already following you and engage with Instagram you will find it easier to see your new releases, best sellers and special offers from within the Instagram feed them!

In the end, this is a very positive step for the brand, and it will allow for more growth and provide more exposure for your business. If you have a product-based business, get active shopping in your Insta profile!

But what are people saying?

So it looks people worried about such reform would leave their bank accounts dry, which is a big positive for the brand!

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