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In the competitive world of online search, SEO practitioners are always looking for an advantage to beat rivals and rank them at the top of Google search results elusive.

While adding content and getting a good link has long been a successful method, in the early days of SEO, and even recently, using the exact same domain is a sure thing to get you to page 1.

Exact Match IS DOMAIN?
This is where your domain name is an exact match of the keyword you are trying to target, for example

Dating back even 10 years ago, you only need to buy a domain (if it is available), add some content, register for directory and presto, you will eventually reach the first page.

With this exercise was so popular, the Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield domain names become entrepreneurs very valuable and many are looking for a quick buck bought exactly the same domain, hoping to flip them for a higher price at a later point.

To this day, you will find tech businessman sitting on a number of domains hoping to sell them for a good price.

Yes and no.

In 2012, Google updated their algorithm to stop giving too much advantage to the exact same domain.

Since then, the actual game has slowly started to disappear from page 1 of the SERPs and their Google country currently holds only 0.6% of first page results.

In 2019, a much more competitive SEO and Google uses an algorithm update to crack down on bad practices and rapid technique to try to game the system.

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Over the past few years, Google and SEO teacher Neil Patel has stated desire brand rankings over the game, and while the SEO traffic is good, they want to recommend a brand that also generate traffic through all the online resources including referrals, email, social , directly and paid.

Given that there are very few brands that have the exact same domain, Google does not give much weight to these domains as they once did.

In some cases, it can have the opposite effect and you could be worse use exactly the same domain.

This is because your meta-titles and descriptions may have too many keywords if they also include a domain name.

Above all, link building becomes complicated, because you can be penalized for having too many links with the actual match (car insurance and credit cards) and if this is your brand name as well – you will struggle to find the right balance of anchor text.

However, that may actually be a good match for your domain still count for something and have at least one keyword is useful – and you can get extra weight because you have one good Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield word and this will help you rank for long tail keyword variations.

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