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It’s crazy how fast time passes, and here we are now, already a week into the new decade! 2020 is set to reach a new milestone in the world that continues to grow and evolve from graphic designs.

Here are six design trends to keep an eye out for the year 2020;

  1. Typography – SIMPLE YET BOLD
    Typography is set to grow in 2020, with designers favor the use of bolder aesthetic design and bespoke.

The rule of thumb when it comes to the thickness of the type is – the thicker the better. Designers who loved the use of typography thick, they are everywhere on posters, advertisements, logos, interior design and website. However, when using this style typography, more or less, because it’s better on the eye with a simple yet sophisticated look.

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Save Boy
Source: Pikosy

Source: Inspirationde

    We saw many designers combine illustrations with photographs in 2019, which would have brought into this decade. Creative trend is reminiscent of a small doodle image we are all used to scribble on the back of the notebook in school mathematics. When used in graphic design setting, they add a fun, unique and personal feel for the aesthetic design, produce large opportunities for creativity.

Collaging too, has become a major element in graphic design. Only from cutting fragments of images and combines with the text and illustrations, opened the door to new possibilities of unexpected scenarios and relationships between graphical elements. Very much in the artsy side of the spectrum of graphic design, collaging has become a highly favored method of branding and advertising.

design magazine of words purple
Source Image: Purple Woods WordPress

eddy de Pretto
Source: Design Agency

    The tendency of combining organic flowing shapes, colors and materials in the design, progressing greatly, as more and more companies are turning to organic aesthetic brand to reflect the ‘new age’ environmentally friendly, they are environmentally conscious image.

fruit juices are good for your health
Source: Just So

mabel and joy
Source: Packaging World

    Illustration has become a leading brand identity design features. The great thing about illustration is that no one company shares the exact same design, but rather similar attributes and themes. However, since many brands have embraced this trend, uniqueness and effectiveness have been somewhat graphic illustrations began to fade.

Moving forward into the new decade, the company will develop a more consistent brand identity that carries a bespoke, one of a kind, semi dream-like and imaginative illustrations of aesthetics, highlighting the uniqueness of each.

design drawings of inspiration feed
Source: Feed Inspiration

design drawings of the design end of the
Source: The Deep End Design

  1. cyberpunk COLOR PALETTE
    2020 is set to feature more colors bolder and brighter than ever seen in the world of graphic design! the color is too saturated with bright and vibrant colors will form the basis of a futuristic design aesthetic for many young, hip, modern and trendy brand.

Build of Japanese urbanism, cyberpunk provide raw energy outlet, by inserting the spark bold, sharp color to enhance and improve the world around us.

Creative sculpture of Behance
Source: Behance

wake festival poster
Source: Radar restless

    Animation is one of the most important element in bringing the Digital Marketing Company in Southampton brand to life.

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