As Rand Fishkin will tell you it’s all about creating your own, your unique content to rank higher in Google. And as marketers we are going to shoot a short film for our brands with Digital Marketing Agency in Southampton a deep narrative if we could. But unfortunately, we do not have a huge budget of content giants like Red Bull. However, money is not an excuse for not trying. So for most of us, this means creating a blog.

a company blog is a good idea to increase your web presence and as a way to talk to your customers. They also tapestry SEO opportunity and you’ll be pretty hard pushed to find a business without one. And that’s the problem, there are so many blogs are fine but very few people are great. Here’s how to take your business blog to the next level.


    Some of the best content comes from within your organization. It’s just a matter of looking in the right place. One of the main reasons you may have set up a blog is to shout about the latest product releases or events. But look beyond the news of the company. Whether it interprets the data in your customer base that consumer trends, or conduct interviews with leading figures in the industry through partnerships and suppliers. Even looking into your finance department to coordinate the release of performance reports with you. The point is to encourage the mobility of your business information throughout. And most importantly, generate ideas and create your own original content may be copied, but, if done correctly, will be associated with. Makes everything more accessible to marketers of your content is the first step.
    If you are in business products, then there is plenty of opportunity to display them with a short video on the budget. product demonstration is one of the oldest marketing tools in this book, but take it online can be very effective. Download “will blend in?” series by Blendtec, they have created a video demonstration for 9 years. The veterans YouTube is a perfect example of mixing with the product demonstrations to create harmony entertainment content, attracting millions of views and $$$. Tom Dickson has mixed everything from the iPad to the framework and glow sticks. But Blendtec’s success depends not only on the video display, they also attract thousands of backlinks in the process. Does the mix of a crowbar or not, we’ll never know, but this Blendtec content surely find the right mix for their customers. Think about how you could introduce video into your content marketing mix.

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    It’s hard to make a good blog Engages visitors to your site and ranks well in SERPs. But it can be done. Achieving a balance between entertaining content and optimization is about giving customers what they want, never compromise on it, but there are ways you can give results as well.

It’s hard not to think about the ranking factors when writing a post, but not until after that. We find it’s always a better way to make the content the user wants. The user first, Google second. That seems counter-intuitive for anyone working in an SEO agency, but we believe this. Then you can use optimization techniques after you have written your post.

    If you publish in WordPress most likely consider the power of WordPress is more than 20% of the web you have access to thousands of plug-ins and some of them can improve your SEO.

Yoast SEO checker is a fantastic plug-in that runs a check on your posts and generate SEO score. Red is bad, orange – fine and good greens. We are looking for people greens here. ranking factor Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton is shown as a bullet point checklist that updates in real-time while you edit to your blog posts.

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