The popularity of social media has increased dramatically over the last 5 years, nearly 1 billion users more than ever and with the Facebook provides a free platform for not only personal Digital Marketing Company Bath use but also business use, you may ask yourself, why pay for a website?

In Blueocto, we are a Facebook user and are happy to setup and guide new clients using the platform. But I see a lot of small businesses rely on Facebook for your business or online presence of their companies, which can have downsides. Let me break it down into a few examples.

A website is your digital store front
I often use this metaphor in discussions, but if the first impression a potential customer is that you are just on Facebook, and maybe they do not, then it could be a lost sale or lead.
Limited ability to customize not only the design in-line with your brand, but also the function, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. If you shop, you can not sell products directly from Facebook and still need a form of e-commerce setup.

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Lack of ownership
Facebook has a command of content and competition rules, etc. if they want to delete your page, all your hard work will be removed in a sample. Many businesses find it when Facebook clamp personal profile that is being used for business purposes, pursuant to Rule them.

SEO poor results
Here’s a quick test! Type the name of your company to Google (or any search engine of your choice) you are not a Facebook page appeared?
Even for people like the popular public figures, such as Kim Kardashian sports 24m Likes, even her Facebook page is not ranked in the top pages of Google, her own name!

Also look for the ability of your content. With the website, your articles, blog posts, events, photos, etc. all stay online, with their own custom URL, you can archive them but still have them searchable.
Ability to search Facebook Page does not exist, and even for those choosing to Group, search is limited to the use of Desktop only. Trying to find that post you saw last week, when you do not know the name of the author, is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Limited ability to share content
You would think this is one of the main purpose of using Facebook and have a Page, which is another to be able to share your posts – can share photos that used to be the best way to attract eyeballs, however, according to Socialbakers, because Facebook changed their algorithm is not longer the case. After a 4445 study of brand pages and more than 670,000 posts, this picture has the lowest organic range, with an average of just three out of every 100 (3.7%) fan page see the posting photos.

frustration can continue if you want to share your status updates in the Group, or post in the Group as a business, because you can not at this time. Which means more time spent trying to retrieve the URL to share, or copy + paste the content again and again. It also goes to show … where the Share button Facebook? frustration

Be careful troll
While social media can be a powerful marketing tool, it is not completely free of risk. Fans and followers are free to send their comments on this platform, exposing your business to the possibility of negative publicity. A quick response can help minimize the damage from these comments, but can not remove criticism of the page or the feed business.
If you put yourself out there, the results can be great, but also the possibility you may experience a small degree of negative from Facebook users. There are ways to protect against this in your privacy settings and is likely to be very rare.

The ever-changing landscape
Facebook has always modify the appearance, functionality and algorithms in the hope that this will improve the user experience. Unfortunately this could mean that, once you just got your Digital Marketing Company in Bath head around how to do a particular task, it can be changed for fun, interrupting your workflow.

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