Where does SEO enter the world of voice search

Along with changing algorithms from search engines like Google, the introduction of innovation is introduced like a sound search. Statistics show that by 2020, at least 50%, if not more, of all searches will be made using the sound search feature or through the use of images.

The initial programs containing sound search have been around since 2002. However, it was not until 2010 this hit the more mainstream markets when our good friend Siri was first Digital Marketing Company Sheffield introduced. Since then, voice search continues to grow because it becomes more accessible than before – especially with the ability to use it on your mobile and on other devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, also Cortana. This makes a lot of questions, “How do we optimize voice search?”

The biggest factor that changes things with the introduction of sound search is the way we search. Especially, people in the past use keywords to find the information they are looking for, for example, if you are looking for information about “how many miles to the moon?” Then you might narrow this term to the keyword for your search that will “mile-mile”. However, with voice search, you are far more likely to ask questions full of ways of conversation. The Hummingbird update introduced Google also means you can type full questions and receive high-quality answers, rather than having To narrow your term to a few keywords. It helps to connect the World of Voice Search with a manual search more than before.

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Image Credit: Google Image

Here in we always strive to update our strategy to get the best results for our clients, which means following the latest algorithm and constantly looking for new ways where we can use our content and skills. We recently invested in our own home office to test several theories and see how well it will work with some of our clients. We found that voice searches only take rich footage, or known as SERP rating at the position ‘0’. Search where no footage, Google Home only answered that he could not help us with our request. It completely put aside the top 10 searches that you will see when browsing the text.

This means that companies must start answering direct questions to optimize their website – and the best way to do this is through making quality content from relevant topics, answering those questions in detail. The pieces need to be written in a structured manner – then distributed to the relevant audience that wants to read the answer to give a piece of authority so that Google will take it as a rich footage. Below is an example of rich footage:


Even though many have discussed whether the sound search will be the end of SEO, of course it won’t. In fact, SEO may be more important now than before, with the need for quality content creations coming to a very important level to help websites rank in a rich footage that is all important.

This is very important for local businesses, because research shows that as many as 30% of all voice searches for local businesses, and 30%, 50% are using sound searches to find information about very businesses in 24 hours!

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