With millions of websites make a mark on the online platform, the two terms that have gained popularity in recent years is the development of the website and the website design. There are some misconceptions that web site development and design of a website Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield is one and the same thing and that it can be used interchangeably. However, there are important differences in the demarcation of both terms and therefore understand the difference between web development and web design is critical to building a successful website.

What is Web Design
The visual representation of a website is the responsibility of a web designer. The main task of a web designer is to design an attractive website so that the audience gets hooked on it and enjoy navigating through the website. web designers create websites and attractiveness quotient is determined by their website. Web designers are experts in the color scheme, design templates and web page layout. A good web designer is an expert in graphic design, flash design and animation and use this technique to improve a web site. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop expert used to achieve the desired results.

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What is a Web Development
Web development is referred to as “back-end” of the site while the site is referred to as ‘front-end’ of the website by people in the industry. The function of the website is managed by the development team. Aspects of coding which is located behind the working of a website is not visible on the exterior addressed by web developers. A job is a technical engineer web developer website from start to finish. All aspects that go behind the construction of the site is under the domain of web development, these functions including; what the navigation will be like what the user experience will be like in terms of browsing and page loading time. A web developer job is very special and it requires proficiency in HTML and dynamic scripting languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, etc.

website design and web development are two different aspects that work together, each playing a key role in Digital Marketing Company Sheffield the creation of websites. There can be overlapping skills but usually they are two specific areas that require special knowledge for their area.

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