The latter part of 2018 has been busy for local SEO. Google released Google My Business App, changing the way businesses function in a service-area map and now allows users Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth follow my Google profile as a social business becomes more ingrained in local search.

To cap off a wild year in local search, 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors survey has recently been released and it includes a treasure trove of information for large and small businesses looking to succeed in local search. There are some very interesting trends in factors increasingly important (and others reduced), so let’s dive into some of the central themes that are discovered.

Targeting Tier 1 citation
In 2012, you have to be crazy not to pour resources into quotation (online mentions of your business name, address, and phone number). How Google show local business relies heavily on matching up quotes online. Businesses that successfully created a quote in hundreds of sites saw a huge boost in their online rankings.

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In 2018, however, this dependence on the quote is a thing of the past. To be clear, we do not recommend that you do not have to invest in quotation management. In fact, the exact quotes online is table stakes at this time. shift here is that you no longer need to create hundreds or thousands of quotations; instead, you just need to focus on the Tier 1 sites such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and large niche sites like TripAdvisor.

Once you’re guaranteed to quote you on the places that really have the traffic and volume, you can stop. You do not need to create a quote on a website that has no traffic. This is very clearly illustrated in the Local Search Ranking Factors survey, with a moving quote from 17.14% in 2015, 13.31% in 2017, to 10.82% in 2018. This downward trend in the importance of citations is not one you should take lightly. In 2018 and beyond, spending time building out quotes outside of Tier 1 sites are a waste of time. Your marketing efforts should be spent elsewhere.

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mastering reputation management
With excerpts see a big drop-off the importance of the trend that has lasted for many years at the point-online reviews are increasingly important, and it has become important to supplement Google profile Business to the highest level.

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By the time you do not spend to build out a quote, you must focus on knocking out four important areas of reputation management. Every business should have a plan for:

analyze, and
the action of those reviews.
2019, online reputation management will be more important than ever, and the brand is figuring out how to scale and leveraging technology to help them in this quest will reap the benefits.

In addition, Google do everything in its power to encourage businesses to regularly log into their Google My Business dashboard. They want you to complete your business profile, using Google Posts, respond to reviews, Ad funds and interact with your profile followers. Businesses that fully utilize the product offering of GMB again will reap the benefits.

Success in the local search
Local search is getting a lot of attention from Google-and the brand should pay attention. Focusing on Citation marketing tactics that will lead efforts in the right direction. Instead, focus on Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth the business listings and reviews of your local management. Marketers who direct their efforts to where Google is heading will position itself for success in 2019 and beyond.

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