Social media has dominated digital marketing for more than a decade now, and some have been able to pry up Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham from the position it has always held. This platform is viewed more than 2.3 billion to 1.49 billion monthly users logging in every day.

When the craze for live video coming, Facebook overtook everyone else in this department as well as the brand’s popularity among Internet users coming second only to YouTube in which the margin of difference is only 4%. So, it should not be news to any ambitious brand that Facebook live video is a way to explode your brand awareness. And there is a dearth of engaging ideas to engage your visitors and forcing them to look again and again.

Here are 6 creative person you can start work on almost instantly.

  1. Teach DIY tasks
    Dunkin Donuts using Facebook videos direct to teach their followers the right way to make delicious donuts. The video was circulated on the Internet under the brand increasing fan base by both. People love easy DIY video today. Selecting a task that encapsulates your products in some way and the dawn cap teachers to submit creative tips.
  2. Offer your product tutorials
    If you are a SaaS company with complicated software, offering tutorials through Facebook live. If you make shoes that go with every outfit, show your audience how to tie it in a different way to dress it. Video makes it easier for people to take things and what better clip to watch than the one coming directly from the company.
  3. Host Q & A session
    This idea will never get old because it actively engages your audience. Consumers always have a question about the brand. If it is not about your product, then your contribution, social attitudes, future plans and supply chain makes an important topic. You can also create a Q & A session as an extended series. Touch one of the problems on a live video every week.
  4. Offer a live tour
    Customers prefer to shop from the brand that they share a personal relationship. live tour helps to humanize your identity by showing them that what is really going on in the background. Including office, warehouse, and store the video. Drag employees randomly and start a random conversation.
  5. Conduct an exclusive interview and talks
    Get in touch with an expert and conduct interviews and conversations over Facebook life. You can have people talk directly to video or upload a pre-recorded clip conversation. movie stars gather great involvement. Sports stars can also draw a good crowd. Depending on your niche, you may also interact with a known face in the business arena.

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  1. Launch your product
    Make a big deal of the launch of the product has become a trend now. Started by Apple, almost all the major brands do to create engagement. Use your Facebook page to create tension around your new product and then start over live video. Apple makes it more like, throwing animations and may give a live demo as well.
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    Things To Do Before Going Live
    Before the live stream you make sure that your audience knows about the timing live stream and ask them to listen. Do this by using social media ads and stories for the previous week.

While the promotion is in asking questions to make sure that the content that resonates with the audience’s expectations and relevant.

All completed? Now be sure to stabilize your phone on a tripod or other prop. Check your Internet connection and start.

Pro Tips:
In the event that the phone is placed a bit further keep handy wireless microphone that plugs into your phone.

Always a conversation and try to include the audience by encouraging them to ask questions or comment.

There are so many options for streaming so get creative! And do not forget, you can live video across social Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham channels. Adding value to the fans and followers in real time has never been easier.