Copy content is an issue that numerous site proprietors need to handle. Set forth plainly, copy content issues happen when a site page’s substance exists in more than one area/URL on the web. There’s no proof to recommend that web indexes will punish sites for copy content however it makes it more hard for any semblance of Google to recognize which is the best page to show to clients in list items.

How It Happens

There are a couple of various reasons why the issue can happen; at a fundamental level you may have two pages on your site with amazingly comparative substance, or possibly you’ve ‘acquired’ content from elsewhere on the web. Copies can likewise be made if your site makes numerous URLs for a similar page on your site. For instance, Digital Marketing Companies Cardiff   may have a printer well disposed variant of a specific page. You may likewise have more seasoned forms of a page on another area, maybe in the event that you’ve moved from a HTTP to HTTPS variant of your site. These cases are ordinary on sites and it is our activity as SEOs and site proprietors to help the web indexes comprehend which pages we need them to show individuals for the correct substance. Here are a couple of things you can to help.

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One strategy which is viewed as best practice is to utilize 301 sidetracks to direct any old pages toward the variant you wish to be seen by both the client and web crawlers. On the off chance that pages with copy content are both positioning admirably, a divert will combine this exertion and stop the pages rivaling other, ideally driving one significantly higher.

Accepted Tags

In spite of the fact that it might sound befuddling, an accepted tag is fundamentally a sign post which tells the web crawler which variant of a page you need to rank for. It works by setting the tag on the pages that incorporate copy or comparative substance and pointing back to the first URL. This will at that point the entirety of the connection authority back to the predefined URL. These labels function admirably for pages that have comparable substance that can’t be diverted.

Meta Tags

Another tag available to you is the meta tag – robots – no follow. Digital Marketing Agencies in Glasgow  straight forward sign post can be utilized to tell Google and other web crawlers not to record a specific page. You could put this on the copy page to stop Google slithering the two pages and therefore not regarding it as copy content. Some substance the board frameworks will permit you to naturally convey standard and no follow labels, else, you should ask your site designer.

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