So there is one thing. For almost 10 years now I not only have social media accounts in most social networks, I also built two successful companies that offer social media services and Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle social media training, and immerse yourself with the ever changing landscape of best practice, guidelines, techniques to achieve the client’s goals, social media tools and much more. [SIDE NOTE – Want to work? See our career pages].

During trained thousands of people in social media, and also offer social media services to hundreds of companies I’ve seen lots of scenarios run well. Some of the things you thought would work did not work as well as you would expect. And some work better than you anticipated.

And although sometimes there are sometimes surprising, most of the time you have a fair idea of ​​what to expect from Facebook or pages other social media in the performance of his likely, subject to the topic, what you post, how often you post, what you hope to achieve, and how much you spend (the latter even more in recent times).

But there is one my Facebook page admin against everything that I have learned. This is called ‘Unicorn Passion’.

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How it happened
I’ve supported the right of the startup community from the beginning of my business because I know has created six businesses how fucking hard slog startup can. I regularly mentor at Startup Weekend, and back in 2014 was pleased to affect the models used Startup Weekend on the Sunshine Coast for the first time after I was guided on the Gold Coast last year.

To get people to be aware of the event, and understand what it is and how best to participate, a ‘pre-event’ was held to get people to come in, find out more and get excited about the upcoming event at a local bar. Apart from the existing network of exercises aimed at getting people to mingle more and learn how easy it is for the courts. It involves entry into the group and draw two random words out of a hat. Our group huddle to get the word ‘unicorn’ + ‘passion’.

Within the allotted five minutes, the match was to come up with:

1 / A name for the business use of the two words
2 / concept for what the business does
3 / A field to get people interested in the business / register / buy – whatever you decide the business will be ‘done’

Of course with exercises that actually fictitious brief was to have fun with it. And we did.

When I look around at the crowd of the group I was, I knew we were in for a treat because I happened to be standing with some creative minds a great, namely Sean Bannister (fellow El Grande event organizer, Internet marketers, developers drupal, DJ and dancer), Andrea Martins (also a serial entrepreneur), Gideon Shalwick (Founder Veeroll and the king of video content), Craig Josic (aka CJ and now Chief Digital Officer Schoolzine and networker / strategic partnership deal maker extraordinaire) and possibly one or two more other passive I do not remember, and I apologize in this blog post to have to deal with all these alpha personalities on time.If you want me to add you to this post once published as an original founder, let me know.

From the word go, we eat from each of enthusiasm and ideas, and within 5 minutes had decided that we were ‘a dating site for fans of the Unicorn.’ Because, well, when you really become a unicorn and others do not, it will be difficult to find a match. And everyone deserves someone to love.

We came up with some statements catchy position as ‘we put back the horn to online dating’ and steal a few key messages that are around unicorn like ‘remember, be yourself unless you can be a unicorn’, mobilized Facebook page complete with cleverly fitting profiles + cover graphic, bought dotcoms, all starting to like Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle the page and within 5 minutes ready for the field.

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