Click or Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an online advertising model is based on the use of search engines and content marketing, where a fee is charged only when a user clicks on Digital Marketing Companies Stafford an ad to reach on your website.

Pay Per Click

These ads are called “PPC” or “Pay Per Click Advertising” and appear alongside or above the results of the “natural” or organic search engine results pages.

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PPC is the best and most cost effective new client acquisition strategies available today. The cost per new client is much lower than other forms of internet (banners, affiliation, sponsorship) or offline media (television, print, etc.) advertising. That being said – digital marketing investment has increased significantly and the increased competition has driven the price of the CPC significantly over the last 5 years. It is more important now has paid a comprehensive search marketing strategy that is driven to maximize performance for specific goals and objectives.

Digital Marketing Pretoria offers a full PPC (Pay Per Click) solutions and will provide support of the campaign Digital Marketing Companies Stafford strategy, competitor analysis and keyword research, to campaign management and reporting.

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