With dozens of successful migration under our belt, we have compiled a list of some of the most common Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath mistakes Magento migration we meet.

Migration of Magento Magento 1 to 2 is one of the most common re-platforming project that we are on duty – especially since the announcement that the support for Magento 1 will stop in June 2020.

As Magento is a powerful platform there are many challenges that affect both traders and developers when looking to move across from one version to another.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive but it should act as a prompt to help you plan your migration more effectively and reduce the likelihood of downtime or further problems.

Migration Magento Most Common Mistakes

  1. Do not make the most of Magento Commerce has

Moving from 1 to Magento Magento 2 not only move from one site to another, this is an investment to move all new e-commerce platform with a variety of features, functions and growth potential.

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Medium-sized businesses that are considering opt for Open Source than Commerce, given lower expenditures involved should seriously consider choosing to second thanks to a wealth of additional facilities:

Elastic Search – provides a user experience that is far better than the standard Magento search
B2B sales – B2B Magento feature allows you to give quotes, one-to-one price of the company and more for big business deals near
PageBuilder – easily create and update pages with function block builder CMS
Customer Segmentation – offer a personal experience for a specific customer group
loyalty schemes – reward your top customers without large integration

  1. Under-estimating the importance of SEO

When moving across from one platform to another may be unavoidable temporary slip down the search rankings but that does not mean you have to be satisfied with your SEO.

It is important to ensure that your robots.txt file has been updated according to your new structure, the transfer has been carried out where necessary and landings and category pages have been optimized for your primary keyword.

Having pre and post-migration clear SEO plan can help you avoid any drastic, permanent reduction in traffic while being able to establish the previous position.

  1. Expect you to transfer your theme

web design has come a long way since 2008, when the first iteration of Magento is released. Since then, the first design mobile phone users expect to lead the way with lighting fast speed and intuitive layout.

Structurally, Magento Magento 2 is much different than one that simply migrate existing theme with the hope that it will be compatible with your new platform is not a viable solution, as some web owners might want to see.

What it does provide though, is an opportunity to refresh the look of your store, creating a brand new theme that brings you right up to the standard web-shop modern and take advantage of enhanced front-end capabilities that Magento 2 offers.

  1. Missing & integration module compatible

As the modules provide so many additional features for Magento sites it is almost inevitable that, from time to time, stores will be flooded with additional extensions and integration of third parties that offer functionality beyond the core Magento.

When approached to take a 1 to Magento Magento 2 migration we usually see shop swollen with modules that either lie inactive or be outside version to the point where it can be compromised.

On the one hand, migration provides an ideal opportunity to clear up some of the dead wood, but more importantly for those extensions that are integral to day traders to work Digital Marketing Companies Bath day like for like replacement may not always be available.

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