It is also known that good unique content and visually appealing makes a good blog post is more likely to rank well in Google, but many of us do not consider the actual structure Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle of the text is equally important. As it turned out, the better your blog structure and paragraphs of text, the more SEO optimized blog you will be and the higher you because it will rank in Google.

When a man finds a piece of text, we tend to concentrate most on the title, and the first line of a paragraph. We also usually scan text before reading completely all the way through to get an idea of ​​what it was about and, therefore, to decide whether we want to read everything in detail.

Well, Google is no different.

When Google scans the text, apparently for certain things to decide whether pieces of high-quality content and therefore worthy to lift in the ratings. Four examples of how Google uses to decide the rank structure is:

proximity SEMANTIC
It refers to how closely the words together like in the text; closer proximity, the higher the semantic proximity. In order for Google to determine the proximity of semantics, structure your text should be clear – because if you ensure your blog structure well laid out, Google is more likely to recognize the proximity of similar words and send them up the rankings.

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When the update Hummingbird comes into action, Google gets better at recognizing synonyms. Google might consider a synonym of synonym database, to see how well they fit in the context of the whole query. A text clearer structure makes it possible to attach a synonym will positively affect your rankings.

Using a lot of titles, which contain key words, will make Google happy and help send your blog google rankings rise. Why not try to create clickable contents, links to each of your titles?

Well structured text will be easier and more fun to read; This means that more people will choose to continue reading and therefore the bounce rate will be lower. Furthermore, well-written text will get social media engagement (likes and shares), which all contribute to Google’s rankings.

It seems that Google has recently become much more focused on recognizing the content is well written and is able to analyze it; better structure, the easier it is for it for Google to analyze.


So we are sure you important structures, and now you want to know how you can make a blog post text organized as possible can be. The things most important to focus on is the headline, first paragraph and sentence full core (usually the first line of each paragraph of the whole piece).

Google will tend to use the title to decide what piece is about; using key words (that come regularly throughout the piece – especially in the first paragraph) in the post because it’s very important if you are trying to improve your ranking. The title should be interesting and not too long; we would recommend the use of titles per paragraph so that readers can quickly scan them to determine what the article is about and therefore whether they want to read the whole thing.

Novel writer will usually make them a little sketchy the first paragraph, to tease the reader and leave them wanting to keep turning the pages. With web content though, this could not be further from the optimal thing to do in the first paragraph. You only have a few seconds to draw your readers in a blog post and capture their attention before they hit the back button, so you should make sure that your first paragraph is both clear and compelling.

Use the first paragraph to set the scene and tell the reader of your pieces (and more importantly, Google!) Exactly Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle what you are going to explore / discuss the whole.

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