COVID Situation

Stuck in COVID situation? We will help you shift!

Covid situation is something that has flipped around everybody’s lives! Yet, as is commonly said “life goes on”. So we have run over another and more inventive interaction to not let our administrations and your solace get obstructed.

Here’s a finished guide for COVID COMBAT:-

Bundling GOODS:

The absolute initial step is to pack the items securely remembering the wellbeing of merchandise just as individuals. Along these lines, we planned our transportation interaction powerfully to guarantee them both. movers and packers kolkata covers on their appearances and a face safeguard. Close by that, they wear gloves and still disinfect their hands prior to pressing and moving to each house. The interaction causes a lack of time as these parades request a ton of time yet as we do it, we guarantee 100% dependability to every one of our clients. We pack your products along these lines with zero outsider contacts and burden them on the carriage. Our laborers are given sanitizers and are properly checked of their temperatures at standard stretches.


To guarantee the protected and opportune conveyance of your transfer, we demand you to furnish us with ongoing data about your objective region and the region from where you need to move. During the lockdown and COVID situation, the greatest test for us was to get it done for a precise objective. Thus, if your territory goes under the control zone or safe zone, you need to illuminate us the equivalent previously. Assuming this is done on schedule, we assign such transfers to our accomplished specialists who can deal with the circumstance well and subsequently convey you the products. All you need to do on your part is to gone to where security checks are there, and gather your transfer with endorsement. This protects your region as well as keeps us inconvenience free and on schedule.

COVID Situation


The way toward stacking and dumping used to be mind boggling prior as well yet we gave a valiant effort to serve you. Presently in the COVID situation, how you can help security confirmation is to choose whether you need our laborers to allow in or not. We have prepared our laborers well to support the current pandemic however it is at the circumspection of clients whether they need them to convey things at their doorstep or need them to keep things inside. We comprehend the danger that you open your family to when you cooperate with conveyance laborers who visit a few states all at once. Thus, we have given such way-outs to you.


Prior we used to offer some incentive added administrations to every one of our clients, such as revising the merchandise in their objective house. In any case, since the pandemic has started, we have left it at their circumspection. For your security, we send our laborers with a total COVID battle pack in which they have shower sanitizers, temperature check devices, gloves, and additional veils. Thus, on the off chance that you need us to rework the products and benefit the worth added administrations, you can do it with no concern. We take all careful steps to guarantee your security.

Careful steps ON CUSTOMER’S PART:

Subsequent to taking every one of these actions, what we feel is that our clients are critical to making our administrations COVID free. On the off chance that you stay a ways off with our laborers and assuming you make every one of the preparatory strides, our administration chain won’t ever get obstructed and the wellbeing will be flawless. We demand you to have a veil on while connecting with packers and movers kolkata and continue to disinfect yourself at customary spans. Likewise, attempt to interface least with any outside or outsider sources. As referenced above, kindly illuminate us already of any regulation zones in the event that you are dwelling in one. Keep all your transfer prepared at the hour of transportation with a total rundown of products you need us to ship.

We wish you a protected conveyance of your merchandise and need your help to make a similar conceivable.