How to Create an E-commerce Website Step by Step

E-commerce evolving space with tremendous speed. In the first quarter of 2020, e-commerce accounted for 11.5% of all US retail sales – an increase of 14.5% from Q1 2019.

For any business that is interested in this relatively new form of commerce and wants to Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham expand the horizon to the digital realm, the first step is to ask a simple question: How exactly do I create an e-commerce website?

Fortunately, the solution is a little easier than you might think. You do not need to be a computer whiz or a programming genius – there are tons of e-commerce website building services out there that do not require a lick of code to get your digital store and walk.

In this guide, we will discuss what you should do to set up shop on the world wide web.

We will discuss choosing a platform, sign up, create a website, register and connect a domain, add products, configure delivery and payment, and, finally, cut the ribbon and make your site live.

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Step 1: Select Platform

As e-commerce has grown in popularity, B2B Companies o rose to the occasion and meet the increasing demand by many site-building tool. Simply put: There are more e-commerce platform out there than you can shake a digital wallet.

It is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, modern entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice. On the other hand, choose the right platform can be a real effort in and of itself.

If you are not sure which platform is best for you, see our article on the best builders of e-commerce sites. It covers the difference between the major players in more detail than we could fit into this article.

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For this guide, we’ll go with Wix for several reasons:

It offers a free plan solid

Very easy to use

This is one of the best platform

Wix Highlights:

* Website

* Price: Starting at $ 23 / month

* Drag-and-Drop Builder: Yes

* Best For: Businesses that have the ease of use as a priority

That said, we encourage you to do research on other platforms because there may be other appropriate means of specific projects better. For example, if you are an artist, BigCartel may be more up your alley, while the company may prefer BigCommerce features that have bid.

Most of what we cover here will transfer to other tools and platforms quite easy, so do not fret if Wix is ​​not your preferred service. The names for the individual features will vary to some degree from service to service, but the concept will all remain the same.

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Step 2: Register for your Platform Selected

After you select your preferred service, you must create an account so that you can get a building.

With Wix, initial sign up only requires an email address. Or, if you want to make things that are really wise, you can sign up with Facebook or Google account so that you do not even need to type a single letter:

After you enter your basic information, Wix will ask you a few questions to help guide your experience.

For example, you are asked to take note of what the purpose of your site, how much experience you have to build a website, what kind of website you need, etc. For the last question, type in “e-commerce” will bring up a few suggestions:

Once you’ve gone through the initial questions, you will be presented with a choice between Wix ADI (AI website builder that will create a website for you) and choose a template editing to build your site in the traditional way.

In an effort to keep everything that Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham we are discussing here is diverted to other platforms, we will go with the more conventional methods.