Creating an HTML email from scratch can be a challenge, tedious and difficult task, and therefore, the majority of developers do not have to build emails.

This is mainly because the developers Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield should be familiar with the complex coding systems that can be difficult to control and time.

We’ve created a helpful guide describing how to build an HTML email – we hope you find it useful!

Structure your email
Generally, you should always build with tables for structuring your email.

This is not only one of the easiest ways to build your e-mail, but it is also one of the most reliable ways to write HTML email. And instead of using tags such as and CSS side, it is better to use old tags, which were introduced in 1995 and 1996.

Most developers prefer to also use a basic structure of two boxes placed side by side, however, all boxes must be contained in a table.

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Creating the body of your email
To start, you must start with a tag, set your margins and padding. This should be set to zero to avoid any unexpected space.

You will have to place a table 600 pixels wide in the table of container, as this will ensure you get the majority of your content comfortably.

And remember, if attribute exists in HTML, you should use it instead of CSS.

Creating the structure and header
Now it’s time to create the structure and header. Your email must be divided into three sections, with a row for each part of the email. Then you must enter the code accordingly.

Introducing Your email
During this process, you create text formatting, image size, media queries and specify the media type, these are all essential elements regarding the creation of an e-mail reagent.

It is essential to check and test your HTML emails and there are many different online tools that allow you to do this effectively, including Litmus, a test email environment that allows you to build, test and send HTML email messages in real time.

Always set your pixel values
You should always set your pixel values ​​when creating an email and remember, it is best to define your Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield widths on the images as an HTML attribute, not a style.

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