How to build a personal brand as a marketer

As a marketer, building a personal brand can have a great impact on your success.

Even if you work for a company, build your personal brand will prove a great benefit to your company as much as it will be for you.

With credible personal brand, you Digital Marketing Company Nottingham have a unique position in your industry, the ability to influence a larger audience and turn many of them into customers.

As a former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, “Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the waste.”

But how do you build your personal brand as a marketer? In this blog post, finding 7 effective tactics you can start using today.

  1. Understand your target audience
    Trying to please everyone is the fastest way to please no. Therefore, you must understand your ideal audience before you can build a powerful personal brand.

This means you need to spell out the details about your audience such as:

age group
marketing challenges
conversational tone
favorite marketing channels
favorite social media channels
favorite topics
With all these details and more, you will understand the message needs ideal audience for better marketing. In this way, you tend to build your influence with the people who care about your brand.

  1. Build a functional website
    No doubt, your website is your office online. Here, visitors will find all the details they need to know about your skills as a marketer.

Also, it is a platform that is totally within your control. Therefore, an important page that you need on your website include:

On this page, visitors will get an overview of your job as a marketer. What is your unique selling proposition? Companies have you worked with? the site you have displayed in? Here’s an example from my own website:

Brand personal example

Here, you can go into more detail about yourself and how your work will provide value to your audience. Ramit Sethi has detailed the “About” page that tells his story and how listeners can benefit.

brand personal example

People need to communicate with you and it may be on your contact page form.

Apart from telling people, you are an expert in marketing, your blog is a place to show them. With your blog, you can overcome the essential marketing topics your audience is looking.

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Here, you can show your audience important works that you have done in the past.

What do your clients think about your job? This is a page where other people promote your brand and it is a major form of social proof. See examples of Lilach Bullock:

Brand personal example

Depending on your niche, other pages may be required. If your ideal visitors landing on your website, they should look at all elements of your brand and understand your brand message.

Customers persona guides and templates
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useful for both the agency and client-side marketers to help them create personas attract customers to their marketing plan.

Customers persona access guides and templates

  1. Hone your voice message and brand
    Whether you’re talking at an event, write a blog post, or posts on social media, you must have a consistent sound. As a result, the audience you need to easily identify your message.

Therefore, your vote will depend on your audience. Your brand will be casual or formal? What aspects of marketing will you focus on? medium business or a small business or big business?

A popular example is Gary who use Digital Marketing Companies in Nottingham casual language while speaking to his audience. Either on a blog or social media, you can see him use language that many consider a “teenager.”