Google revealed its assault on content spam with the presentation of Google Panda. It turned out to be clear the update was a huge one – not least for various news and official statement locales. PR Newswire made a ton of the Panda features, however the update didn’t simply affected news merchants.

In the event that Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambridge  seeing less traffic from Google look, at that point you have been influenced by the now moving Panda calculation which has been prepared into Google’s progressing calculation which influences website pages as they are crept and flags refreshed. Regardless of whether you haven’t yet, the web index’s war on bad quality substance implies you ought to consistently be quick to look again at your SEO methodology with regards to content creation.

Time to Panda-proof your content

To stay safe from Google updates you have to go back to the basics and get the essentials right. For Panda this means defining a specific target audience and creating content that genuinely has something to offer. Forget all about search ranking and traffic for a moment and ask yourself what can you give your audience that nobody else can.

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You can’t research enough in the pursuit of quality content so find out everything possible about your audience and your competitors. Pitch yourself against the best in your industry and discover what your audience loves about them – then figure out what they don’t like so much and find a way to offer something unique.

This is the kind of content people are looking for when they type in a search query and Google wants to deliver.

Post Panda 4.0

Google PandaIf you don’t keep up with the latest SEO trends Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Bristol  can soon find your search ranking pays the price. Things change quickly in this game and a series of Google updates have shown that brands of all sizes can suffer the effects of SEO malpractice.

Website owners need to go back to the basics and bring their strategies up to date from the very beginning – and on-page SEO is the place to start. The good news is that most of the essentials still apply, which means you can get your page optimisation back on track in eight easy steps.

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